Fostering innovation and assisting others...
...to play and build Neverwinter Nights

By freely hosting guides over the entire span of NWN 1 content, this site aims to bridge the gap to assist others to grow, learn and feel comfortable to share their knowledge and expertise with others.

Anyone can view guides written on this site, and anyone can post guides to share their experience, provided they follow some simple rules to ensure the forum environment is safe for everyone.

All are welcome to contribute. Whether one is new to NWN or has years of experienced, all contributions are valued highly and appreciated.

No matter how experienced one is, NWN is so vast and complex one will continuously learn more information and new ways to play and build for a very long time.

Our Core Values

Healthy communication




A long time NWN Player since Diamond Edition’s release in 2004, and extremely active since obtaining a copy of  the NWN Enhanced Edition in early 2019. 

Interests include writing guides, writing character builds, module creation, assisting and playing on persistent worlds and supporting others who share these interests through as the administrator of the NWN Workshop Forums Website. 

Over 150 builds designed and 12 guides in the ECB forums in a little over 12 months, and numerous level 40 characters on the World of Greyhawk (WoG) Action Server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why this site?

This site aims for a fresh and modern approach to guide writing and guide hosting and this site aims to provide this. 

Having written a large number of guides myself I understand the good things and bad things that happen for content creators and my goal is to make it simple, easy and accessible for others to read your ideas in a visually beautiful, healthy community, that encourages collaboration, innovation and different ideas, that is inclusive of as many individuals as possible. 

Why a forum format?

A forum format is the easiest way for contributors to register and quickly start sharing their work, and also receive feedback from the community on their work. I have not set a time limit on editing posts, so if there are any errors in any guide you have written, this should be able to be easily fixed without moderator involvement. 

It is also much easier to read and accessible compared with many other mediums, and allows contributors to insert images, video links and external links to other sites and allows interaction with others to provide feedback and improvements on your content.

One thing that is special about receiving a comment about a guide is that the poster read your guide and felt strongly enough to write a comment to either encourage or praise your work, or offer improvements to make your guide even more awesome. 


What do I do if I feel threatened or uncomfortable by something someone posted?

Contact me and it will be removed immediately. We aim to create a friendly environment where contributors can share different ideas freely. 

Individuals who repeatedly make others feel unsafe will firstly receive warnings, then temporary bans, then permanent bans. I believe this is kinder system of moderation than many sites in case of unintended errors in communication (which can happen to even the best of us) by those who breach rules, but is heavy handed enough to achieve the outcome – a safe environment for as many individuals as possible.

Is Discussion and debate still encouraged?

Discussion and debate are absolutely encouraged. Please just remember to be respectful and kind, and acknowledge there are so many different ways to create builds, play the game and create modules. 

Where are the images on the main site from?

The artwork has been shared for unrestricted public use by Stefan Keller and Lothar Dieterich. They have not requested credit, however this is provided to support their ongoing work.

There are in game screenshots from Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition. during my playtime in the World of Greyhawk PW server.

I am interested in putting up great screenshots from other environments as well as crediting the contributors. This forum strongly encourages the creation of new and further development of existing NWN modules and PWs, such works provide enormous joy to so many players around the world.

I would like to register for this forum, how do I do this?

Registration is free. To register you will need to have a unique username and a unique valid email address. This is to prevent bots or other malicious pieces of codes disabling the forums. 

If the username and email address are unique, an email will be sent to the email address used for registration. This email will have a link to complete registration and to set the password for your account. If you do not see a registration email after a few minutes, do check the spam folders of your email accounts in case it is there.

If you still have trouble registering I can manually register you for the forums if you contact me, but I would ask that you try to register through the standard process first.


Any personal data (ie email addresses) are used for the purpose of ensuring unique individuals and preventing bots or malicious code from overloading the website. It is also used as a form of communication from this site to individual users. It is not intended to be used for any other purpose. There is no need to complete the First Name, Last Name and other fields on registering.

The site uses WordPress to build the site, bbPress to run the forums and Google Site Kit to help fund the site. There are a number of other WordPress plugins used to help run the site. As an administrator I receive emails to my Gmail account.

Site administrator: Orion

Artwork by Stefan Keller and Lothar Dieterich

Screenshots from NWN: EEWoG PW Server, reproduced with permission.

This site is strictly not for profit. Its goal is to enhance the experience of NWN 1 players and module builders. If ads are present they will only be minimal and designed only to cover costs, following which either ads will be removed or income will be donated to a charitable cause agreed on by the forum members.