Reply To: The holy arrow! Paladin 29/ Monk 1/ Champion of Torm 10


    I really like this build, good job! It might even be enough to get me to play a Paladin, enough said.

    Your stated AC can further be buffed by +6 if you can cap DEX and +4 with a Haste potion, taking it to the respectable-even-for-a-melee-toon value of 68. I assume you have already considered trying to fit in Divine Shield to be able to laugh at bosses standing at melee distance while shooting, but so few feats…

    You could change the stat increase at level 40 to WIS and get one more pre-epic CoT level for an extra feat (losing a Great Wisdom), if you want to include Rapid Shot for instance. You delay your max buffs until level 21 but maybe that’s ok.

    Very cool idea and execution!