Reply To: The Glorious Bardic Skill-Master (Bard 26 / Rogue 13 / Assassin 1)


    I like this! And I am usually not a fan of skills in general 🙂

    In the spirit of going all-in on skills, you could drop 2 Great Dexterity for of ESF: Discipline and Listen, for instance. Not necessarily better but very impressive.

    Is the Assassin level there just to get 1d6 more on SA? That is very clever. And Bard 26 just seems extremely strong overall. 10 minutes level 26 song+curse song is crazy.

    Be careful with your undispellability though: both Ultravision and Silence have CL 0 in any dispel check, allowing level 10 Dispel Magic to dispel them every time. This does have the advantage that you can remove your own silence with a wand in order to start casting again, at least.

    According to the wiki, the concealment effect from Improved Invisibility should also be dispelled with ease, but I think this is contrary to my experience so I don’t know what is going on there.