Reply To: The Glorious Bardic Skill-Master (Bard 26 / Rogue 13 / Assassin 1)


    Thanks for commenting! I wrote the post just before work and was a bit of a rush. I added a bit to the original post.

    I played it a little. It reminded me leveling a low level dex rogue requires a much more thoughtful playstyle. The bardic feats (such as Shield Proficiency) bard song and spells do help to make it easier.

    If I drop Epic Dodge (need 25 Dex for it, so if I drop two great Dex feats I won’t be able to take it), then I can get three ESF feats by dropping Defensive Roll, Improved Evasion and Epic Dodge. This provides six ESF feats!

    So six ESF feats vs 1 ESF: Perform and Epic Dodge +2 Dex becomes a much more difficult question. I think the skills are enough as you say!

    You are correct – the Assassin level is there for 1d6 death attack and the skill dump at 39. I try to get a third class if I can.

    I could have gone Rogue 14, which grants +4 skill points and allows me to take 16 skill points from hide/move silently elsewhere … so 20 extra skill points. I dont think I need it but I will think about it.