Reply To: The holy arrow! Paladin 29/ Monk 1/ Champion of Torm 10


    Whoa! Forgot to post the new version, was engrossed in other builds.

    Thank you for your comments, I have applied some of your suggestions, and managed to take rapid shot (in exchange of -1 AB and -1 lv 1 bonus spell slot). Better to have 1 attack more than 1 divine favor, which lasts only little time.

    Constitution is tad low, but rapid shot will balance it properly. Will try him/her in WoG server, sometime!


    Paladin(29), Champion of Torm(10), Monk(1), Human

    STR: 14
    DEX: 14
    CON: 10
    WIS: 14 (34)
    INT: 12
    CHA: 14

    Human: (Quick to Master)
    01: Paladin(1): Rapid Shot, Point Blank Shot
    02: Paladin(2): {Smite Evil}
    03: Paladin(3): Zen Archery
    04: Paladin(4): WIS+1, (WIS=15)
    05: Paladin(5)
    06: Paladin(6): Craft Wand
    07: Paladin(7)
    08: Paladin(8): WIS+1, (WIS=16)
    09: Paladin(9): Extend Spell
    10: Paladin(10)
    11: Paladin(11)
    12: Paladin(12): WIS+1, Weapon Focus: Mace, (WIS=17)
    13: Paladin(13)
    14: Champion of Torm(1)
    15: Paladin(14): Power Attack
    16: Champion of Torm(2): WIS+1, Weapon Focus: Longbow, (WIS=18)
    17: Champion of Torm(3)
    18: Paladin(15): Divine Might
    19: Champion of Torm(4): Called Shot
    20: Champion of Torm(5): WIS+1, (WIS=19)
    21: Paladin(16): Great Wisdom I, (WIS=20)
    22: Paladin(17)
    23: Paladin(18)
    24: Paladin(19): WIS+1, Great Wisdom II, (WIS=22)
    25: Paladin(20)
    26: Paladin(21)
    27: Paladin(22): Great Wisdom III, (WIS=23)
    28: Paladin(23): WIS+1, Epic Weapon Focus: Longbow, (WIS=24)
    29: Paladin(24)
    30: Paladin(25): Great Wisdom IV, (WIS=25)
    31: Paladin(26): Epic Prowess
    32: Champion of Torm(6): WIS+1, Great Wisdom V, (WIS=27)
    33: Champion of Torm(7): Great Wisdom VI, (WIS=28)
    34: Champion of Torm(8): Great Wisdom VII, (WIS=29)
    35: Champion of Torm(9)
    36: Champion of Torm(10): WIS+1, Great Wisdom VIII, Great Wisdom IX, (WIS=32)
    37: Monk(1): {Cleave, Evasion, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist}
    38: Paladin(27)
    39: Paladin(28): Great Wisdom X, (WIS=33)
    40: Paladin(29): WIS+1, Armor Skin, (WIS=34)

    Hitpoints: 398
    Skillpoints: 174
    Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 30/35/28
    Saving Throw bonuses:
    BAB: 30
    AB (max, naked): 34 (melee), 46 (ranged)
    AC (naked/mundane items only): 34/34
    Spell Casting: Paladin(4)
    Alignment Changes: 0

    Concentration 43(43), Discipline 43(45), Listen 40(52), Lore 6(7), Open Lock 1(3), Tumble 40(42)