Reply To: A dwarven battlemage (Wizard 26 / Fighter 6 / Champion of Torm 8)


    Really powerful!

    By the way Time Stop does not require somatic components to cast, so you can cast it in full armor before you complete Auto Still 3!

    So the Extended Haste -> Time Stop / Dev Crit combo can start at level 30 🙂

    You get Auto Still I at level 30, so you could also add True Strike to the mix at level 30. I did this with other builds (although not with dev crit and as much AB as you do).

    To do it:

    1. Extended Haste (very important) then
    2. Time Stop -> True Strike (+20 AB or hit the cap) then three flurries (1 full round) of attacks ->
    3. Repeat Time Stop -> True Strike then three flurries until you are out of Time Stop spells

    The mechanics:

    Time Stop lasts 9 seconds. If you are hasted, True Strike will take 3 seconds to cast, then 1 round is 6 seconds. That uses up the 9 seconds. The player can then cast another Time Stop before the enemy can take another action and repeat the cycle (of destruction).

    I think you character has enough AB to not even need True Strike, but it might be helpful in certain situations. Time Stop will make the enemy flat footed and lose all Tumble/Dodge AC (and potentially Dex AC too) so with 38 AB you should be fine.

    I haven’t felt comfortable enough to do this strategy with Time Stop scrolls (which takes 6 seconds to cast I believe) but perhaps that could work too?