Reply To: Caress of the Dragon – Bard 16 / RDD 14 / Shadowdancer 10


    Looks powerful and very interesting! Dev Crit Rapier, Epic Dodge, HiPS and Bard 17 (song and level 4 spells)! Thanks for exploring.

    Part of me wishes you could fit Lasting Inspiration in there too! But I believe that maybe is too much to ask. It was attempted with Shadow Drake but it lacks WF/EWF and therefore loses 3 AB, has base Con 7 (gulp! 244hp base hp) and it gets LI at level 39 then RDD 10 at 40 by which time the character has pretty much finished what it needs to do in the module or PW. So probably not worth it.

    Not sure I have any useful suggestions. Perhaps a detection skill such as Listen or Spot might be handy, particularly if there is no Blind Fight. One other thought was a Bard 16 RDD 14 SD 10 split (RDD 14 bonus feat Epic Prowess). Might add a little HP but not sure it would be much better.