Reply To: The Gnomish Piper – Wizard 23 / Bard 16 / Cleric 1


    Thanks for sharing this idea of a dual DC conjuration/enchantment Wizard / Bard gnome summoner!

    It really has two summons at a time I understand, the empowered Summon Creature, and non-mind immune enemies controlled with Dominate Monster. These can then be buffed and have bard song applied! It’s very interesting. A familiar can also be added, although these tend not to be durable.

    I think the Str 6 is too hard to play with from an encumbrance point of view. There aren’t a lot of bags of holding in WoG. If one equips spellsword armor/shields this will be an issue. I’d probably drop starting Int or Wis to put Str up to 10-12.

    Do be a bit careful with the Taunt checks with a low HP character with 8 base dex! Perhaps Con can be put for 16 to make use of the Gnome +2 bonus?

    RE skills I agree it is tricky. You could drop stealth skills and craft a wand of invisibility. And use the remaining points to invest into Discipline (there are a handful of custom discipline checks) and a sprinkle of points into Lore, Set Trap / Disable Trap, and Craft Trap/Craft Weapon?