Reply To: The Edgedancer (Cleric 19 / Wizard 17 / Monk 4)


    Thanks for sharing, this looks strong!


    • Reorder feats Weapon Proficiency Martial at level 3, Extend Spell at 12 / Blind Fight at 15. Without Rapid Reload getting faster access to Bows means less reliance on Slings early game (or being limited to Heavy Crossbow and 1 attack / round).
    • Wizard 2 level at 19, Monk 3 level at 20 to reduce exp penalties and +1 BAB.
    • A single value point in set trap (take from Appraise or even Spellcraft)


    • Not sure if you can make a wand of expeditious retreat? If you can, the CL seems to be 5, so a little short?┬áIt might be worth going Necromancy for specialty school over Illusionist, as this grants access to Mass Haste + Extended Mass Haste. Mass Haste will be good with summons a big part of the build. I think with Monk Speed and Wisdom AC from Monk you could manage without Premonition, and with Divine Power / PnP Tensors you might be able to manage without True Strike, although True Strike would be nice. (References: NWN Wiki: Craft Wand, WoG Tapatalk Forum: Crafting Potions, Wands and Scrolls)