Reply To: The Edgedancer (Cleric 19 / Wizard 17 / Monk 4)


    Hi Orion and thanks for the nice and clever words.

    I don’t think you can get +1 BAB in the way you propose, but maybe I misunderstand. You can get +1 Will by delaying the 3rd Monk level, but your will is high enough and I wanted to have speed as early as possible.

    The point in Set Trap is a good idea, I wonder if traps can be stacked with Glyph of Warding…

    I have not tested that you can make ER wands, I assumed it works as it’s in the crafting table. Yes the CL is 5 which is low. I agree that True Strike is probably not needed on a Cleric (only useful early on for Harm/Heal combos, later you have plenty of AB bonus). I picked Illusionist mainly to have access to Premonition, but I think you have a strong point that Mass Haste could be better.

    Concerning weapons, I am personally happy to play with a sling until I can get my hands on an infinite ammo bow, which as far as I know is not early. On the other hand, Tempertuppin’s Everthrower can be easily found in early levels.