Reply To: Fast Divine Spell-Kama (Sorcerer 30 / BG 4 / Monk 6)


    Hi rockbot, thanks for your message and interest.

    Scribe scroll is valuable in a rest restricted environment (such as World of Greyhawk (WoG)). The most useful scribed scrolls for me are Mordenkainen’s (especially this), Greater Sanctuary, Summon IX, Bigby’s Forceful Hand and sometimes IGMS. Mass Haste is good too, particularly with this build as the speed cap can be exceeded with Maste Haste but not plain haste. In WoG Tensors scrolls are handy but there are limited spell slots for sorcerers (only 3), so I don’t take Tensors. Time stop scrolls are excellent but will always use up 1 round, and casting Time Stop memorised while hasted is better.

    Craft wand is also useful too in a rest restricted environment. Scribe scroll vs Craft wand is a complex discussion. To summarise it depends how often spells 1-4 vs spells 1-9 are used, and if spells 1-9 are more useful than 1-4. Also if one is on a PW, if another player can make wands for you (and if they can be recharged, as on World of Greyhawk, for example). There are some outstanding wands, ie. Lesser Spell Breach, Improved Invisibility, Stoneskin, Summon IV, ILMS, Shadow Conjuration: Darkness, Flame Arrow, Prot v Elements, Invisibility.

    Paladin I think I initially designed this for but chose blackguard instead because if one uses area of effect mind effecting spells (ie. Stinking Cloud) one doesn’t have to bother to use Prot v Good, only Prot v Evil. Its pretty even I thought. Cleave is free for Monks and hide is a class skill so its easy to get Blackguard.

    • Advantages of Paladin: Fear Immunity, Disease Immunity, a lay on hands spell
    • Disadvantages of Paladin: need to use prot v good as well as prot v evil for mind effecting spells if you use them a lot – I use stinking cloud a bit when it works it is very effective (ie stinking cloud, confusion)
    • Advantages of Blackguard: 1d6 sneak attack (works well with the disables), ability to use some weak summons for cannon fodder and save one spell if one wants to use stinking cloud/confusion a lot, stackable bull’s strength (Blackguard Bull’s Strength will stack with normal Bull’s strength)
    • Disadvantages: have to be evil, invest 5 skill points into Hide which are not useful