Reply To: The pale, charming sorceress (Sorcerer 29 / Cleric 1 / Pale Master 10)


    Hi Aquarius, thanks for posting!

    I like the build, I think it is powerful. Lots of AC with divine shield and Palemaster, empowered summons are very nice to have as well, will make playing this build very easy. Also you don’t have to be evil, which is good as some players just can’t play an evil character.

    I’d put Con to 14 and Int to 10 and shave off some skill points from Tumble, Spellcraft and Listen. Just for a little more HP, +1 fort and +1 concentration. I’d try to get Palemaster 10 as soon as practical after Sorc 27 (Epic Warding) for faster crit/sneak immunity.

    I do like the Auto Still III here even if arcanist runes are available on WoG, it feels like you are playing the build as if the arcanist runes weren’t available.