Reply To: A dwarven battlemage (Wizard 26 / Fighter 6 / Champion of Torm 8)


    Thanks for sharing this very powerful character. The devastating critical alone (at level 24 no less!) makes it deadly, but add a caster level 26 Wizard spellbook it is very nasty.

    I would probably choose a specialist school (Illusionist) for +1 spell / spell level per day, this prevents enchantment school spells and scrolls which are essentially mind altering spells, and with a non-DC approach the extra spells per day will help at little cost as one will not be trying to charm or dominate monsters. Mass haste is an enchantment spell so that will be missed in a party setting.

    I believe epic mage armor tends to be of value. It provides at least +5 dodge AC, so unless one has already hit the dodge AC cap it provides more than the Armor Skin feat or cross classed Tumble AC. Also some equipment flexibility (ie cloak of Int +5 instead of cloak of protection +5 AC) but primarily in a +5 or less environment.