Reply To: Dracierre, the Dragon-Infused Max Int-40 Mage (Wizard 27 / Bard 3 / RDD 10)


    Nicely done!

    I was trying to build around the 40 INT idea just yesterday, and was not satisfied with my results. You did an excellent job, I would say. Sure, your spell DC is 1 less than max in two schools (!), but the extra level 9 slot/day more than makes up for it in my book. And on top of that you managed to fit in the 10th RDD level, which means that this mage can actually hit some things!

    Some considerations, out of curiosity (and out of never having actually played a DC arcane caster): why is Maximise Spell taken over Silent Spell? What do you think of dropping a SF and GSF for maybe Craft Wand and Silent Spell? Or make it a Gnome and get Craft Wand and Toughness (you lose the level1 feat)? You would lose some carrying capacity and gain 40 HP and 1 Fortitude, not to mention SF:Illusion for free (yay!), and the rest of gnomish goodies (in particular you don’t lose any AB, -1 from STR +1 from small stature).

    I want to play a wizard or sorcerer as my next character to try out, and this build makes it even more difficult to choose what to do!