Reply To: The Stormbringer (Druid 19 – Cleric 20 – Monk 1)


    Hi Max, thanks for your reply!

    I hear you on all accounts, and I believe you are correct on all accounts. You are in fact too generous, I have leveled this to 10 and it was a major pain (would not try again). This is a very feat-starved class combination: I would immediately agree to drop STR and CHA to 8, drop Power Attack and Divine Might, and change to Human. The next step is to drop Rapid Shot, probably drop DEX to 10 or 8 and drop the weapon focus feats. At which point it is basically Order of Jormungandr (and for good reason, it is a great build). I will try to keep the build more focused on spellcasting and less reliant on DS.

    I would try to keep Cleric 12 pre-epic for some fighting prowess. It will not be the “I am god” feeling of the level 17 Magical Master but should be strong, with one Druid level for buffed summons. 16 Cleric means you have to wait until 36 for DS though, so I am leaning 12-8.

    As for the feats, what do you think of Evocation focus (for the various damage spells, including empowered Fire storm, empowered Blade Barrier, and Implosion)?

    I would propose, for pre-epic feats: Extend, Empower, Zen archery, GSF: conj, GSF: evo, and Scribe Scroll. I know Knockdown is probably better than Scribe Scroll, but I like it in a build with many uncast Harms and Summon IX per day. The two free epic feats can be a combination of ESF and Epic Prowess (which has some value for DS).

    I still do believe that Rapid Shot has some value here (sling power!), as it increases your damage output by more than 20% (your AB is still high enough that most attacks will hit throughout your career), would not be sure what two feats to drop for it.

    Finally, on the second Monk level: here I think I disagree. I don’t think Deflect Arrows is a good enough reason to justify losing a level 9 slot, as in DS you will dodge (or absorb) most attacks anyway. The earlier skilldump+AC bonus+attack progression is IMO a better reason, but I personally would fight through without it for (slightly) more lategame power.

    I will test and post back a refined build, this was trying to fit too much in.

    Thanks again, let me know your thoughts!