Reply To: The Stormbringer (Druid 19 – Cleric 20 – Monk 1)


    This is a really nice idea. Zen Archer with a dual caster spellbook, can turn into a dragon too. I’d love to try it some time.

    The divine might +2-8 damage could be useful if you can cap Cha, which with eagles splendor (+ 2 to 3 of  items, or a scroll of aura of glory or greater eagles splendor) just for archery. Dragon Shape one can boost the Cha stat with spells and some items (ie helmet of charisma +5) but is harder to implement. The damage output is admittedly small/attack but with 5-6 attacks / round (either in Dragon Shape or Rapid Shot, Haste + Divine Power) it might be useful as divine damage is rarely resisted.

    Its pretty expensive though. If you had Int 14 (instead of Cha 14), you would have an extra 129 skill points to spend. Elf is expensive as well. With Int 14 + human you would get an extra 172 skill points. Are the skill points useful here? Maybe. Trap setting, spot skill, discipline, search, there are a few nice things the skill points could be spent on.

    You could drop it as well as the weapon focus feats (-3 AB) to free up four feats, and drop your Charisma for Intelligence or Constitution points. 37 ranged AB on a cleric archer is still reasonable due to the AB boosts. This gives you a lot of options.

    The question I would ask is what options would have and what additional problems would the other options solve that you can’t already. The some options I can see are:

    • SF/GSF: Evocation (for very high DC implosion, call lightning, hammer of the gods)
    • SF/GSF: Conjuration (for very high DC SoV/Stonehold/Grease)
    • Spell Penetration/Greater Spell Penetration
    • Blind Fight / Scribe Scroll (or Wand).

    I think Max is right in that going Cleric 16/Druid 4 pre-epic would be easier to level.

    Monk 3 would also unlock the movement speed cap, allowing for a ‘speedy’ Stormbringer character, which helps with your archer’s survivability if you can move faster than a DM, and grants some tumble dumps which works well with the wisdom AC. It does cost spell casting and caster levels and it comes quite late in the build. Perhaps Druid 18 / Cleric 19 / Monk 3 would be the split I would choose to achieve this.

    I think whatever you choose, you will be happy with, as the foundations of the build are rock solid. Anything we tweak might come at the cost of something else.