Reply To: The Stormbringer (Druid 19 – Cleric 20 – Monk 1)

Maximillian Kane

    Hey TheSquid!


    Well, good thing we agree! Double Spell Focus is not a bad idea for this build, but losing KD really hurts, especially if you aren’t taking the 2nd Monk level, hence having just one skill dump. I absolutely don’t think Rapid Shot is a good idea at all, because it’d require a 2-feat investment, as well as putting stat points into DEX. I like Scribe Scroll, but I think then you’d have to choose between focusing on 2 schools or getting KD + Scribe Scroll. You could even potentially have 2 versions of this build: one with the dual focus and another one with scribe and KD. Both are great ideas, but definitely one school + these two feats would be easier to play.


    As for delaying DS, where in a typical Druid build, Elemental Shape AB starts becoming a concern around level 30, which makes you want to rush Dragon Shape, with this guy’s Clerical buffs, you can easily live without DS until level 36. Earth Elemental AB is around 40, with Divine Power + Divine Favor alone, it’s already 50, 52 with Bless and Aid, 55 with Battletide and Prayer. So, although delaying DS is by no means desirable, if there’s a build that won’t miss it, it’s this one! I would prefer to max out Cleric buffs ASAP, as well as have access to level 8 spells, for those great Elder elementals, then you could go straight Druid without issue, especially if you pick the KD + Scribe Scroll “version” of the build.


    About Deflect Arrows, I think it’s a matter of preference. That same level 9 spell will be pretty useless in high epics, as summons get obliterated easily, and you won’t be able to penetrate SR with this build, which most of your enemies where that extra slot would matter will have. I’d much rather use have Monk AC and Evasion for 18 levels and end up with a mildly useful Deflect Arrows than have an extra spell that I probably won’t be able to put to good use.


    Another feat that might be worth lookimg into is Weapon Finesse. If you can get a wand of Cat’s Grace, plus the Skin of the Manticore, plus a couple of merging DEX items, Air Elemental shape will become extremely useful to save up uses of Dragon Shape, especially in places with doors and narrow hallways. The problem would be what to drop for it. Might be worth dropping Zen Archery, since damage output with a Sling will most likely be sub-par, especially with your significant casting prowess.


    But with these alterations, anything else is just fine tweaking. It’ll be a great build!


    Take it EZ!