Reply To: The Enchantress of the Breeze (Sorcerer 35 / Paladin 1 / Monk 4)

Maximillian Kane

    Hey Orion!


    I like this one. As you know, not a fan of Sorcerers, but this is one build I would play. However, there are a few things I’m curious about, like why you chose to get 40 Discipline, with such a bad STR score. It won’t really allow you to resist anything they try on you, so I’d definitely get rid of that and rely on immunites. I’d also drop Disable Traps and Open Locks and just get a Pixie Familiar for when you need some Rogue skills. I’d also suggest moving Monk 4 to 40, to max out Listen. Then you can x-class some of these saved points into Set Trap and get 15 Craft Trap, allowing you to make your own traps up to deadly, except Gas, which is crap anyway, which you could then set to conserve spells or just to have another good, reliable source of damage.


    I also wondered why you chose to get Monk and Paladin before 9th level spells. Since BAB isn’t really a concern, I’d much rather have those 9th level spells sooner, or if you really want the speed earlier, then go for Monk levels after Sorcerer 8, which is when you get Extended Haste to make good use of it. I like that you get it earlier, but I think I’d prefer to either go for it ASAP, or get it after 9th level spells (leaning more towards the latter).


    I would also consider dropping one of the epic spells or even 2 Great CHAs for an Epic Spell and ESF: Enchantment. I’d probably get Dragon Knight and end up on 36 CHA.


    Other than these few minor tweaks, it looks good! Kudos!