Reply To: The Enchantress of the Breeze (Sorcerer 35 / Paladin 1 / Monk 4)


    Thanks Max for the comments and the tweaks. To answer some questions:

    • Discipline 40 in case of extended Shields / Shapechange: Iron Golem. No magic item properties transfer with Shapechange so the discipline can be useful for knockdown resistance but it doesn’t provide immunity. In sorceress form its not that good except against perhaps called shots. Just with morphing it could help.
    • DT 1 and OL 1 is to minimize Pixie usage / knock spell for minor locks and traps. Bigger stuff a Pixie or Rogue needs to help.
    • BAB 21 is mostly for an extra ranged attack. In a party often the warrior types are dealing the damage so I end up mostly using ranged attacks if I want to save spells. One could drop it of course. Getting the speed is nice though.

    I actually did think about putting in Dragon Knight and ESF: Enchantment. Might be good to do that.