Reply To: The Enchantress of the Breeze (Sorcerer 35 / Paladin 1 / Monk 4)

Maximillian Kane

    Well, That’s the thing about Discipline, though. You’re spending 40 points on a build that doesn’t have that many skill points on a skill that will only be useful in one specific situation. I wonder if that situation will occur as often as it needs to to justify the investment. I tend to think it won’t. Besides, you could add one more tool to your toolbox by investing in trap-setting, IIRC you’ll need 15 modified ranks in set traps to set all but epic traps, which would mean 30 skill points, cuz they’re x-class. Then the remaining 10 could go into maxing out Listen, and improving Search a bit, perhaps. If you account the usage of items like Ring of the Trapper or even DEX gear, you can probably get away with 9 ranks, or even less. Then you would have enough points to add that to your arsenal. That’s what I’d tend to favor, at least.


    As for BAB, I don’t have a particular problem with it, especially if you’re in a party and the battle isn’t worth your spells. A shame about delaying the level 9 spells, but they’re not essential for your survival, just nice to have.