Reply To: The Enchantress of the Breeze (Sorcerer 35 / Paladin 1 / Monk 4)


    Oh the Iron Golem / Shield strategy is my get out of jail card against melee mobs, it’s very effective before epic warding. Even with EW, when it is used up for the day, I can keep going with it. EW doesn’t protect against dev crit, so the Crit immune Golem is a very handy tool. the +cha items don’t transfer which is a pain though *but* I wonder if I don’t really lose ‘memorized’ spells as a sorc when I shift like Wizards do. I will have to test it out.

    I used to use it a lot especially on a sequencer, damage shield strategies taught to me by GDL in a party with him used to be the fastest way I would level up mages, without relying on summons. Very cheesy I know. The downside of the strategy is the hit points go low. I think it will expensive but worth it if it saves a death or three by resisting a knockdown so I can get my heal potion off. I am curious how useful the discipline will be against epic level mobs like the spell resistant Drow on WoG or the terrifying Sultan’s palace.

    I’ve done the set trap 15, it is good! I could take points out of concentration and listen to get set trap 11 mod then boost it with cats potions or + trap items. That way i could fit in both. She will be fast and speedy so concentration 33(35) might be enough. Listen I hesitate to drop though. Spellcraft I could take some ranks from too. The saves are already sky high.