Reply To: The Enchantress of the Breeze (Sorcerer 35 / Paladin 1 / Monk 4)

Maximillian Kane

    No, you should definitely not drop Listen. Quite the contrary, you should delay that last Monk level just to max it out! Lowering Concentration is risky. One thing I normally do with my casters is to turn on Damage Shields and EW, then cast in melee to generate AoOs and kill them faster. That way you can make the most out of the shields. Losing that would be a problem IMO. I do understand what you mean about Iron Golem vs not just DevCritters, but just heavy Critters in general. There are a few situations where I do find it useful, but in most it’s a nuisance due to the lost spell slots when you morph. If you could let me know whether you lose spell slots when shifting (and whether you regain them when de-shifting), that would be great. Perhaps Sorcerers can use this strategy more often because their spells aren’t memorized if they regain or don’t lose their spells. I’d even add that to the guide if it’s true!