Reply To: The Stormbringer (Druid 19 – Cleric 20 – Monk 1)

Maximillian Kane

    Hey TheSquid!

    Good Stuff! It is playable without Cleric 16, definitely. I do think that’s a matter of personal choice. I guess it depends on how much “Druiding” one really wishes to do LOL. You don’t really need to shift into anything if you go with the Monk at 22. Much earlier Wisdom AC, and some peace. STR is also a nice touch cuz you have 2 Divine Power levels at 3 and 4, which is SWEET, cuz they are extendable at 4 and 5. Many more “fully buffed modes” a day.


    However, there is a slight imprecision in your comments (or I somehow misunderstood you, or EE has changed that from 1.69). When you get extra attacks from multiple sources (Haste, DP and RS for this build), they each come at a -5 penalty from the previous one. I actually made a post about this today in the ECB – General Discussion to answer a question by Stagmeister about how Monk Ubab interacts with DP.


    For example: You have 59 fully buffed AB with your sling, you are also Hasted and have DP on. When you turn on Rapid Shot, you suffer a -2 penalty to AB, so it goes down to 57. Your attack schedule will look like this: 57/52/47/57/52/47. Basically, your 3 regular attacks per round first, then all extra attacks added at -5 from each other. Without Rapid Shot, it’d look like this: 59/54/49/59/54


    Other than that, you seem really conscious that you’re not min-maxing this build, which is fine as a personal choice when you know there are “better” ways of doing it. I would say this might be an example of trying to squeeze too much into a build (I would admittedly rather do 2 separate min-maxed versions of it, one focusing on casting and another one on sniping), as the loss of KD and Blind Fight does limit your options a lot. Luckily, this class combo is so powerful that you still end up with quite the powerhouse nonetheless! And yes, Grease + Called Shot is OP! I bet you nver thought you’d make such good use of those Level 1 Druid slots 😀 LOL


    Can’t wait to see the final version! Cheers!