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      Image by Stefan Keller


      This is a very basic guide how to use the forums which are powered by bbPress.

      Inserting and formatting text

      The text box is very straightforward like any word processor.

      B button – Bold the text,

      I button – put it italics,

      ” button – blockquote section

      like this

      Further buttons:

      Dot points

      Numbered points

      Align left

      Align center

      Align right

      Undo and Redo

      Inserting Images

      Click the location you want the image to be in the text.

      Click the Picture button in the menu. Then click the Folder icon with a magnifying glass.

      Then select the picture you wish to upload.

      Then click ok.


      Inserting links


      Copy the Reddit or Youtube URL directly into the forum (replace the http_s with https, the extra “_” character is to prevent the software from embedding into the blockquote)

      ie. http_s://www.reddit.com/r/neverwinternights/comments/jmm8y7/fun_question_what_persistent_world_do_you_play/

      ie. “http_s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8j5BgGCZcGE”

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