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      Source: NWN: EE (Beamdog), World of Greyhawk PW

      Darkness / Ultravision means enemies cannot see me without Ultravision or True Seeing, and they are wandering around idly on the top and right parts of the screenshot. Those enemies that cannot see me receive Death Attack Damage and AC penalties. With 7-9 attacks per round, +1d4+9 Flame Weapon / hit and 4d6 Death Attack /hit, that is a lot of damage. The enemy without Blind Fight has 25% chance of hitting with 50% attacker miss chance from Darkness, and 50% concealment from improved invisibility. I also have protection from Premonition. Source: NWN EE (Beamdog), WoG PW.

      Some characters probably should not be built, and this is one of them.

      It combines:

      • Wizard 26, DC spell casting, Extend/Empower, Scribe Scroll, Epic Mage Armor/Epic Warding
      • Assassin 9, Death Attack 5d6 fort save DC 30-36 or paralysis for 9 turns, uncanny dodge, stealth/trap skills
      • Monk 5, for Monk Speed (move faster than a DM with Expeditious Retreat and Mass haste!), Evasion, Disease Immunity.
      • Elf for Keen Senses and +2 Dex
      • Improved Two-Weapon Fighting Kamas for 7-9 attacks / round (ie 35d6 to 45d6 Death Attack damage / round, buffed with Flame Weapon, Keen Edge, GMW +5 (if relevant), empowered Bulls/Cats and Pen and Paper Tensors if that is relevant in your environment)

      Left: Setting a large number of holy traps to deal with undead, and some elemental damage traps too. Right: the aftermath. NWN: EE (Beamdog), WoG PW

      The downsides are low attack rolls (mundane AB 30 – drops to 26 with ITWF and Flurry), however enemy AC can be lowered by using Wizard disables (Grease, Darkness/Web, Stinking Cloud, Evards, Bigby’s 6 and 7, and Time Stop), and the Wizard’s AB increased using True Strike. Undispellability also comes late, and spell penetration may be problematic against spell resistant enemies. HP is low, but can be boosted over 500hp with capped (+12) constitution.

      Another downside is specialist school choice. Choosing Illusionist allows for for True Strike, but not for Mass Haste. Choosing Necromancy allows for Mass Haste, but not for True Strike.

      I choose to go Stealth with the skills, although they could be put into Discipline, Open Lock, Set Trap, Listen, Crafting, Lore, Heal and even Appraise.

      No exp penalties.

      Build details:

      Lawful Evil only. Specialist school: Illusion.

      Assassin(9), Illusionist(26), Monk(5), Elf

      STR: 14
      DEX: 17 (18)
      CON: 12
      WIS: 8
      INT: 16 (32)
      CHA: 8

      Elf: (Hardiness vs. Enchantments, Keen Sense, Low-light Vision, Skill Affinity: Listen, Skill Affinity: Search, Skill Affinity: Spot, Sleeplessness)
      01: Monk(1): Toughness, {Cleave, Evasion, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist}
      02: Illusionist(1): {Scribe Scroll}
      03: Illusionist(2): Weapon Finesse
      04: Illusionist(3): INT+1, (INT=17)
      05: Illusionist(4)
      06: Illusionist(5): Blind Fight, Extend Spell
      07: Illusionist(6)
      08: Illusionist(7): INT+1, (INT=18)
      09: Monk(2): Weapon Focus: Kama, {Deflect Arrows}
      10: Assassin(1)
      11: Illusionist(8)
      12: Assassin(2): INT+1, Ambidexterity, {Uncanny Dodge I}, (INT=19)
      13: Monk(3)
      14: Assassin(3)
      15: Assassin(4): Two-Weapon Fighting
      16: Assassin(5): INT+1, (INT=20)
      17: Assassin(6)
      18: Assassin(7): Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
      19: Monk(4)
      20: Assassin(8): DEX+1, (DEX=18)
      21: Illusionist(9): Epic Weapon Focus: Kama
      22: Illusionist(10): Great Intelligence I, (INT=21)
      23: Illusionist(11)
      24: Illusionist(12): INT+1, Empower Spell, (INT=22)
      25: Illusionist(13)
      26: Illusionist(14)
      27: Illusionist(15): Epic Fortitude, Great Intelligence II, (INT=23)
      28: Illusionist(16): INT+1, (INT=24)
      29: Illusionist(17)
      30: Illusionist(18): Great Intelligence III, (INT=25)
      31: Illusionist(19)
      32: Monk(5): INT+1, (INT=26)
      33: Illusionist(20): Great Intelligence IV, Great Intelligence V, (INT=28)
      34: Illusionist(21)
      35: Illusionist(22)
      36: Illusionist(23): INT+1, Epic Spell: Epic Mage Armor, Epic Spell: Epic Warding, (INT=29)
      37: Illusionist(24)
      38: Illusionist(25)
      39: Illusionist(26): Great Intelligence VI, Great Intelligence VII, (INT=31)
      40: Assassin(9): INT+1, (INT=32)

      Hitpoints: 278
      Skillpoints: 355
      Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 23/21/26
      Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +10, Mind Effects: +4, Traps: +1, Poison: +4
      BAB: 23
      AB (max, naked): 30 (melee), 27 (ranged)
      AC (naked/mundane items only – no shield): 23/25
      Spell Casting: Wizard(9)
      Alignment Changes: 0

      Concentration 42(43), Disable Trap 43(56), Hide 43(47), Move Silently 43(47), Open Lock 10(14), Search 13(26), Set Trap 5(11), Spellcraft 39(50), Spot 43(44), Tumble 40(44), UMD 34(33)

      01: Concentration(4), Hide(4), Move Silently(4), Tumble(4), Save(12),
      02: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(15),
      03: Concentration(1), Save(19),
      04: Save(24),
      05: Save(29),
      06: Save(34),
      07: Save(39),
      08: Save(45),
      09: Hide(8), Move Silently(8), Tumble(8), Save(29),
      10: Disable Trap(13), Hide(1), Move Silently(1), Open Lock(1), Search(1), Set Trap(1), Spot(5), Tumble(1), UMD(13),
      11: Save(6),
      12: Disable Trap(2), Hide(2), Move Silently(2), Set Trap(4), Tumble(2), UMD(2),
      13: Hide(1), Move Silently(1), Tumble(1), Save(5),
      14: Disable Trap(2), Hide(1), Move Silently(1), Open Lock(3), Spot(3), Tumble(1), UMD(2),
      15: Disable Trap(1), Hide(1), Move Silently(1), Open Lock(3), Tumble(1), UMD(1),
      16: Disable Trap(1), Hide(1), Move Silently(1), Open Lock(3), Spot(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1),
      17: Disable Trap(1), Hide(1), Move Silently(1), Search(2), Spot(2), Tumble(1), UMD(1),
      18: Disable Trap(1), Hide(1), Move Silently(1), Search(3), Spot(2), UMD(1),
      19: Concentration(4), Hide(1), Move Silently(1), Save(3),
      20: Disable Trap(2), Hide(1), Move Silently(1), Search(4), Spot(2), UMD(2),
      21: Concentration(7),
      22: Concentration(7),
      23: Concentration(2), Spellcraft(5),
      24: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(7),
      25: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(7),
      26: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(7),
      27: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(3), Save(4),
      28: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(11),
      29: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(18),
      30: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(25),
      31: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(32),
      32: Concentration(1), Hide(12), Move Silently(12), Tumble(15), Save(4),
      33: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(2), Save(11),
      34: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(20),
      35: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(29),
      36: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(38),
      37: Concentration(1), Save(48),
      38: Concentration(1), Save(58),
      39: Concentration(1), Save(68),
      40: Disable Trap(20), Hide(8), Move Silently(8), Search(3), Spot(28), Tumble(5), UMD(11),

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