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      Greetings all! Thank you all for your warm welcome.

      At present I am working on increasing the volume of high quality content in the forums.

      At present there are 10 guides in the forum, but I want to increase it by a factor of 5 (quintuple it) to 50 as soon as possible.

      So I’m looking at producing 5-10 pieces of content every 2-4 weeks.

      Looking for suggestions for topics I can investigate! I got a lot of content to make ahead of me, but sometimes its good to have guidance where to go, if anyone has any ideas!

      Also I designed this forum so anyone can contribute guides of their own, the purpose is for this to be a place of learning and growth for everyone, and one person can only do so much, but many contributors will make this place simply incredible for everyone. I am of course happy to support others with their goals and dreams with whatever support and experience I have to translate NWN’s complex concepts into plain, simple understandable language that can reach your readers.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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