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    Maximillian Kane

      Hail, everyone!


      This is my interpretation of Dorna Trapspringer, the SoU dwarf companion and fellow Master Drogan pupil. She was a tricky one, with some good attitudes and other less-than-honorable tendencies, especially when it involved gold. I never thought she’d be a DEX-based character, nor a stealther, despite her many Rogue levels, but I made her as useful as she could be by giving her all Trap skills (even though her DEX is abysmal, nothing a couple of items can’t solve), and the Trickery domain to account for her lack of stealth. She can also open all locks with appropriate Thieves’ Tools, and she packs a punch, with 19 Rogue levels, Crippling Strike and Improved Sneak Attack 2 + Cleric Buffs and a high STR. She’s meant to be played as a Axe/Board tank, with great offensive capabilities, Full Plate armor, etc.. However, because she lacks the skill points to do so for most of her life, she can’t cast in combat, having no Concentration until level 40. So she must buff while invisible, then when she attacks, she won’t be able to rebuff. Dispels are also a big deal with just 15 Cleric levels, but with Strength Domain, she’ll have loads of Extended Divine Powers to make up for that. Always kill the dispellers first, and try to use Darkness both to generate sneaks and as a way to avoid getting swarmed while you kill them.


      All in all, a very well-rounded Melee self-buffer with all the Rogue goodies a non-stealther could possibly want.


      Without further ado, Dorna Trapspringer!



      Rogue(19), Fighter(6), Cleric(15), Dwarf

      STR: 16 (28)
      DEX: 8
      CON: 14
      WIS: 16 (18)
      INT: 14
      CHA: 6

      Dwarf: (Darkvision, Defensive Training vs. Giants, Stonecunning, Hardiness vs. Poison, Hardiness vs. Spells, Offensive Training vs. Goblinoids, Offensive Training vs. Orcs, Skill Affinity: Lore)
      01: Rogue(1): Expertise
      02: Fighter(1): Weapon Focus: Battleaxe
      03: Cleric(1): Knockdown, Domain Trickery, Domain Strength
      04: Cleric(2): WIS+1, (WIS=17)
      05: Cleric(3)
      06: Cleric(4): Extend Spell
      07: Rogue(2): {Evasion}
      08: Cleric(5): WIS+1, (WIS=18)
      09: Cleric(6): Blind Fight
      10: Cleric(7)
      11: Cleric(8)
      12: Rogue(3): STR+1, Improved Knockdown, {Uncanny Dodge I}, (STR=17)
      13: Cleric(9)
      14: Cleric(10)
      15: Cleric(11): Improved Critical: Battleaxe
      16: Cleric(12): STR+1, (STR=18)
      17: Rogue(4)
      18: Cleric(13): Improved Expertise
      19: Cleric(14)
      20: Cleric(15): STR+1, (STR=19)
      21: Fighter(2): Armor Skin, Epic Weapon Focus: Battleaxe
      22: Fighter(3)
      23: Fighter(4): Weapon Specialization: Battleaxe
      24: Fighter(5): STR+1, Epic Weapon Specialization: Battleaxe, (STR=20)
      25: Rogue(5)
      26: Rogue(6)
      27: Rogue(7): Epic Skill Focus: Discipline
      28: Rogue(8): STR+1, (STR=21)
      29: Rogue(9)
      30: Rogue(10): Great Strength I, Crippling Strike, (STR=22)
      31: Rogue(11)
      32: Rogue(12): STR+1, (STR=23)
      33: Rogue(13): Great Strength II, Improved Evasion, (STR=24)
      34: Rogue(14)
      35: Rogue(15)
      36: Rogue(16): STR+1, Great Strength III, Improved Sneak Attack I, (STR=26)
      37: Rogue(17)
      38: Rogue(18)
      39: Rogue(19): Great Strength IV, Improved Sneak Attack II, (STR=27)
      40: Fighter(6): STR+1, Epic Prowess, (STR=28)

      Hitpoints: 374
      Skillpoints: 304
      Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 24/24/18
      Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +2, Traps: +4, Poison: +2
      BAB: 25
      AB (max, naked): 38 (melee), 25 (ranged)
      AC (naked/mundane armor/shield only): 19/30
      Spell Casting: Cleric(8)
      Alignment Changes: 0

      Concentration 43(45), Craft Trap 12(14), Disable Trap 42(46), Discipline 43(62), Open Lock 26(25), Search 21(23), Set Trap 42(43), Tumble 40(39), UMD 35(33)

      01: Disable Trap(4), Open Lock(1), Search(4), Set Trap(4), Tumble(4), UMD(4), Save(19),
      02: Save(23),
      03: Save(27),
      04: Save(31),
      05: Save(35),
      06: Save(39),
      07: Disable Trap(6), Search(6), Set Trap(6), Tumble(6), UMD(6), Save(19),
      08: Save(23),
      09: Save(27),
      10: Save(31),
      11: Save(35),
      12: Disable Trap(5), Search(5), Set Trap(5), Tumble(5), UMD(5), Save(20),
      13: Save(24),
      14: Save(28),
      15: Save(32),
      16: Save(36),
      17: Disable Trap(5), Search(5), Set Trap(5), Tumble(5), UMD(5), Save(21),
      18: Save(25),
      19: Save(29),
      20: Save(33),
      21: Discipline(19), Save(18),
      22: Discipline(1), Save(21),
      23: Save(25),
      24: Save(29),
      25: Disable Trap(8), Open Lock(9), Search(1), Set Trap(8), Tumble(5), UMD(8),
      26: Disable Trap(1), Open Lock(7), Set Trap(1), UMD(1),
      27: Disable Trap(1), Open Lock(2), Set Trap(1), Tumble(5), UMD(1),
      28: Disable Trap(1), Open Lock(6), Set Trap(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1),
      29: Craft Trap(5), Disable Trap(1), Open Lock(1), Set Trap(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1),
      30: Craft Trap(6), Disable Trap(1), Set Trap(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1),
      31: Craft Trap(1), Disable Trap(1), Set Trap(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(5),
      32: Disable Trap(1), Set Trap(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(11),
      33: Disable Trap(1), Set Trap(1), Tumble(1), Save(18),
      34: Disable Trap(1), Set Trap(1), Tumble(1), Save(25),
      35: Disable Trap(1), Set Trap(1), Tumble(1), Save(32),
      36: Disable Trap(1), Set Trap(1), Tumble(1), Save(39),
      37: Disable Trap(1), Set Trap(1), Tumble(1), Save(46),
      38: Disable Trap(1), Set Trap(1), Save(54),
      39: Disable Trap(1), Set Trap(1), Save(62),
      40: Concentration(43), Discipline(23),


      I hope you like her!


      Take it EZ!

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