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    Maximillian Kane

      Hail, everyone!


      This is an Evil version of my Demolition Man build, which is potentially the best Caster Cleric build for Neverwinter Nights. You can’t really go wrong with 38 levels of Cleric and 38 Wisdom + Zen Archery. With this build, you’ll be proficient in all areas of combat: Melee (although by far your worst, with Cleric buffs you can get by if the need arises), Ranged, thanks to Zen Archery and an obscenely high Wisdom score, and Casting, with a MAX-DC of 48 for your Implosion with Capped Wisdom, thanks to ESF in Evocation This allows you to 1-shot anyone who doesn’t have insanely high Fortiude saves, and no immunities apply. Your spells from other schools will still have great DCs thanks to your Wisdom score, and with 38 Caster levels, Spell Resistance won’t be much of an issue. The AC is also quite high thanks to Monk AC, and you have Evasion too, although the saves are nothing to write home about (but Spellcraft helps a lot against spells). With a high Listen score and a very high WIS, only the most dedicated sneakers stand a chance of sliding by undetected. And you’re extremely resistant to dispels, even from Mord’s. Only Breach effects will be able to rid you of your buffs, but that only applies to defensive ones. Your offense is practically untouchable.


      Another cool little aspect of this build that tends to get overlooked is that it gets Elf weapon proficiencies, so it can use Longbows and Rapiers, which will come in handy before you get your Monk level. After that, Longbows are your weapon of choice for sniping, but Kamas are a better alternative for the few cases in which you need to melee.


      If I had to state one weakness with this type of build, and it’s hard to do, it would be that it performs best with a tank in front, taking all the aggro, while it rains destruction from afar. For the first 30 levels or so, that tank could be a summoned creature, but after a certain point, summons won’t be able to survive long enough to justify the spell slots, so, in high epics, this build will need to melee a lot more frequently as a result, if soloing. Alternatively, there’s also the fact that, if you’re in a party, which would allow you to snipe and cast for your whole career (which is where you shine), there’s always the risk of miscalculating the AoE for your implosion, which will result in you accidentally killing your own teammates. Oh, and there’s also the fact that you have very few skill points, which means you need to prioritize. If you want Concentration, for example, then you’d have to get rid of Listen or Spellcraft, which IMO would be a mistake, since this build isn’t supposed to melee frequently, and the times when it does will be late in its life, when the spell durations make it so that you don’t need to rebuff mid-combat most of the time.


      Cleric(38), Assassin(1), Monk(1), Elf

      Alignment: Lawful Evil

      STR: 8
      DEX: 16
      CON: 8
      WIS: 18 (38)
      INT: 14
      CHA: 8

      Elf: (Hardiness vs. Enchantments, Keen Sense, Low-light Vision, Skill Affinity: Listen, Skill Affinity: Search, Skill Affinity: Spot, Sleeplessness)
      01: Cleric(1): Extend Spell, Domain Animal, Domain Plant
      02: Cleric(2)
      03: Cleric(3): Silent Spell
      04: Cleric(4): WIS+1, (WIS=19)
      05: Cleric(5)
      06: Cleric(6): Zen Archery
      07: Cleric(7)
      08: Cleric(8): WIS+1, (WIS=20)
      09: Cleric(9): Called Shot
      10: Cleric(10)
      11: Cleric(11)
      12: Cleric(12): WIS+1, Empower Spell, (WIS=21)
      13: Cleric(13)
      14: Cleric(14)
      15: Cleric(15): Spell Focus: Evocation
      16: Cleric(16): WIS+1, (WIS=22)
      17: Cleric(17)
      18: Cleric(18): Greater Spell Focus: Evocation
      19: Cleric(19)
      20: Cleric(20): WIS+1, (WIS=23)
      21: Cleric(21): Armor Skin
      22: Monk(1): {Cleave, Evasion, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist}
      23: Cleric(22)
      24: Cleric(23): WIS+1, Epic Prowess, Epic Spell Focus: Evocation, (WIS=24)
      25: Cleric(24)
      26: Cleric(25)
      27: Cleric(26): Great Wisdom I, Great Wisdom II, (WIS=26)
      28: Cleric(27): WIS+1, (WIS=27)
      29: Cleric(28)
      30: Cleric(29): Great Wisdom III, Great Wisdom IV, (WIS=29)
      31: Cleric(30)
      32: Cleric(31): WIS+1, (WIS=30)
      33: Cleric(32): Great Wisdom V, Great Wisdom VI, (WIS=32)
      34: Cleric(33)
      35: Cleric(34)
      36: Cleric(35): WIS+1, Great Wisdom VII, Great Wisdom VIII, (WIS=35)
      37: Cleric(36)
      38: Cleric(37)
      39: Cleric(38): Great Wisdom IX, Great Wisdom X, (WIS=37)
      40: Assassin(1): WIS+1, (WIS=38)

      Hitpoints: 278
      Skillpoints: 176
      Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 21/36/19
      Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +8, Mind Effects: +2
      BAB: 25
      AB (max, naked): 25 (melee), 40 (ranged)
      AC (naked/mundane armor/shield only): 37/37
      Spell Casting: Cleric(9)
      Alignment Changes: 0

      Hide 8(11), Listen 43(59), Move Silently 8(11), Open Lock 1(4), Spellcraft 41(43), Tumble 40(43), UMD 34(33)

      01: Open Lock(1), Spellcraft(4), Save(10),
      02: Spellcraft(1), Save(13),
      03: Spellcraft(1), Save(16),
      04: Spellcraft(1), Save(19),
      05: Spellcraft(1), Save(22),
      06: Spellcraft(1), Save(25),
      07: Spellcraft(1), Save(28),
      08: Spellcraft(1), Save(31),
      09: Spellcraft(1), Save(34),
      10: Spellcraft(1), Save(37),
      11: Spellcraft(1), Save(40),
      12: Spellcraft(1), Save(43),
      13: Spellcraft(1), Save(46),
      14: Spellcraft(1), Save(49),
      15: Spellcraft(1), Save(52),
      16: Spellcraft(1), Save(55),
      17: Spellcraft(1), Save(58),
      18: Spellcraft(1), Save(61),
      19: Spellcraft(1), Save(64),
      20: Spellcraft(1), Save(67),
      21: Spellcraft(1), Save(70),
      22: Hide(8), Listen(25), Move Silently(8), Tumble(25), Save(10),
      23: Spellcraft(2), Save(12),
      24: Spellcraft(1), Save(15),
      25: Spellcraft(1), Save(18),
      26: Spellcraft(1), Save(21),
      27: Spellcraft(1), Save(24),
      28: Spellcraft(1), Save(27),
      29: Spellcraft(1), Save(30),
      30: Spellcraft(1), Save(33),
      31: Spellcraft(1), Save(36),
      32: Spellcraft(1), Save(39),
      33: Spellcraft(1), Save(42),
      34: Spellcraft(1), Save(45),
      35: Spellcraft(1), Save(48),
      36: Spellcraft(1), Save(51),
      37: Spellcraft(1), Save(54),
      38: Spellcraft(1), Save(57),
      39: Save(61),
      40: Listen(18), Tumble(15), UMD(34),


      And last but not least, this is the build I made for Viconia, the Drow Cleric companion from the Baldur’s Gate series. This is the true reason for going Elf, since you could go Human and take Martial Weapons with your bonus feat if you wanted 40 more skill points.


      I hope you like her!


      Take it EZ!

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