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    Maximillian Kane

      Hey everyone!


      This is my NWN interpretation of Jan Jansen, the gnomish trader or shady goods, tinkerer, obsessed with turnips and trash collector from BG 2. He was a bit of a pain in the ass, when he started to go on those lengthy monologues about how some made-up relatives of his knew about something, or did something really heroic, etc… That kind of eccentricity is often accompanied by a very sharp intellect. In the game, he was one of the many Mage / Thief companions you could get, so I admit it wasn’t easy to give each one a different feel and style. However, that wasn’t the case with Jan. He was certainly an INT-focused character, due to his eccentricity and fascination with trinkets and turnips, and his craftiness (he claimed he had modified his crossbow to make it do more damage). He needed to have all the Crafting skills that the game provides (which isn’t much), and he needed to be focused in Illusion because he was an illusionist in game. Also, there was a really cool interaction between him an Minsc when they were in the same party, as he would try to steal Boo from the big guy, so I decided to give him just a little bit of pick pockets for that reason.


      This is a sneaky Caster build, with Illusion spells like Invisibility, but also Stealth skills and HiPS, all the Rogue skills it could possibly want, and a good-DC Weird spell to kill enemies. Mass Blindness / Deafness will help a lot against a bunched up group of Melee enemies.


      Ladies and Gentlemen, Jan Jansen!

      Illusionist(35), Rogue(4), Shadowdancer(1), Gnome

      STR: 8
      DEX: 14
      CON: 16
      WIS: 8
      INT: 18 (38)
      CHA: 8

      Gnome: (Defensive Training vs. Giants, Hardiness vs. Enchantments, Low-light Vision, Offensive Training vs. Goblinoids, Offensive Training vs. Reptilians, Skill Affinity: Concentration, Skill Affinity: Listen, Small Stature, Spell Focus: Illusion)
      01: Rogue(1): Dodge
      02: Illusionist(1): {Scribe Scroll}
      03: Illusionist(2): Extend Spell
      04: Illusionist(3): INT+1, (INT=19)
      05: Illusionist(4)
      06: Illusionist(5): Craft Wand, Silent Spell
      07: Illusionist(6)
      08: Illusionist(7): INT+1, (INT=20)
      09: Illusionist(8): Empower Spell
      10: Illusionist(9)
      11: Illusionist(10): Greater Spell Focus: Illusion
      12: Illusionist(11): INT+1, Rapid Reload, (INT=21)
      13: Illusionist(12)
      14: Illusionist(13)
      15: Illusionist(14): Brew Potion
      16: Illusionist(15): INT+1, Maximize Spell, (INT=22)
      17: Illusionist(16)
      18: Illusionist(17): Mobility
      19: Rogue(2): {Evasion}
      20: Illusionist(18): INT+1, (INT=23)
      21: Illusionist(19): Armor Skin
      22: Shadowdancer(1): {Hide in Plain Sight}
      23: Illusionist(20): Great Intelligence I, (INT=24)
      24: Illusionist(21): INT+1, Epic Spell: Dragon Knight, (INT=25)
      25: Illusionist(22)
      26: Illusionist(23): Epic Spell Focus: Illusion
      27: Illusionist(24): Great Intelligence II, (INT=26)
      28: Illusionist(25): INT+1, (INT=27)
      29: Illusionist(26): Great Intelligence III, (INT=28)
      30: Illusionist(27): Great Intelligence IV, (INT=29)
      31: Illusionist(28)
      32: Rogue(3): INT+1, {Uncanny Dodge I}, (INT=30)
      33: Illusionist(29): Great Intelligence V, Great Intelligence VI, (INT=32)
      34: Illusionist(30)
      35: Illusionist(31)
      36: Illusionist(32): INT+1, Great Intelligence VII, Great Intelligence VIII, (INT=35)
      37: Illusionist(33)
      38: Illusionist(34)
      39: Rogue(4): Great Intelligence IX, (INT=36)
      40: Illusionist(35): INT+1, Great Intelligence X, (INT=38)

      Hitpoints: 292
      Skillpoints: 424
      Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 19/20/21
      Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +11, Mind Effects: +2
      BAB: 20
      AB (max, naked): 20 (melee), 23 (ranged)
      AC (naked/mundane armor/shield only): 23/26
      Spell Casting: Wizard(9)
      Alignment Changes: 0

      Bluff 16(15), Concentration 43(48), Craft Armor 15(29), Craft Trap 20(34), Craft Weapon 6(20), Disable Trap 32(48), Hide 42(44), Move Silently 42(44), Open Lock 23(25), Pick Pocket 13(15), Search 11(25), Set Trap 42(46), Spellcraft 43(57), Tumble 40(42), UMD 36(35)

      01: Craft Trap(4), Disable Trap(4), Hide(4), Move Silently(4), Open Lock(4), Search(4), Set Trap(4), Tumble(4), UMD(4), Save(12),
      02: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(5), Save(12),
      03: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(16),
      04: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(20),
      05: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(24),
      06: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(28),
      07: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(32),
      08: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(37),
      09: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(42),
      10: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(47),
      11: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(52),
      12: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(57),
      13: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(62),
      14: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(67),
      15: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(72),
      16: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(78),
      17: Craft Trap(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(84),
      18: Spellcraft(1), Save(91),
      19: Disable Trap(18), Hide(16), Move Silently(18), Search(2), Set Trap(18), Tumble(16), UMD(17),
      20: Craft Weapon(6), Spellcraft(2),
      21: Craft Armor(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(6),
      22: Hide(5), Move Silently(3), Search(5), Tumble(5),
      23: Craft Armor(6), Spellcraft(2),
      24: Craft Armor(8), Spellcraft(1),
      25: Concentration(8), Spellcraft(1),
      26: Concentration(8), Spellcraft(1),
      27: Concentration(8), Spellcraft(1),
      28: Concentration(4), Spellcraft(1), Save(5),
      29: Spellcraft(1), Save(14),
      30: Spellcraft(1), Save(24),
      31: Spellcraft(1), Save(34),
      32: Disable Trap(10), Hide(10), Move Silently(10), Tumble(10), UMD(10), Save(2),
      33: Spellcraft(2), Save(12),
      34: Spellcraft(1), Save(24),
      35: Spellcraft(1), Save(36),
      36: Spellcraft(1), Save(48),
      37: Spellcraft(1), Save(61),
      38: Spellcraft(1), Save(74),
      39: Bluff(16), Hide(7), Move Silently(7), Open Lock(19), Pick Pocket(13), Set Trap(20), Tumble(5), UMD(5), Save(2),
      40: Concentration(15), Spellcraft(2),


      I hope you like him!


      Take it EZ!



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