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    Maximillian Kane

      Hey everyone!


      This is my NWN interpretation of Keldorn Firecam, mentor of Ajantis and member of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart. You could recruit him in BG 2 in Athkatla. He was an Inquisitor, which is basically a Paladin sub-class that specializes in hunting down and exterminating evil mages. Thinking about ways to represent that in Neverwinter Nights was tough, but I ultimately decided that it could be done by raising his saves to obscene levels and at the same time giving him DevCrit. Mages may throw whatever spells they wish at this man, he will most likely only fail his saves on a 1. He was also quite easy to hit in BG, so I chose 3 Fighter-type classes, which means he doesn’t get any Tumble class.


      This is a very strong offensive 2-handed melee build with extraordinary saves and a decent DevCrit DC, enough to take on any of the evil mages he encounters. He doesn’t have any defensive capabilities, and his HP are a bit on the low side, especially considering how easy he is to hit. Even though he doesn’t have any Sneak Attack, he should be played as a flanker, supporting the party tank with a lot of damage and quick kills with his DevCrit. He can also Taunt opponents to reduce their AC, and allow the party to hit them more often.


      Ladies and Gentlemen, Keldorn!

      Paladin(16), Fighter(6), Champion of Torm(18), Human

      STR: 16 (26)
      DEX: 8
      CON: 10
      WIS: 14
      INT: 14
      CHA: 14 (20)

      Human: (Quick to Master)
      01: Paladin(1): Expertise, Power Attack
      02: Fighter(1): Weapon Focus: Greatsword
      03: Fighter(2): Blind Fight, Knockdown
      04: Fighter(3): STR+1, (STR=17)
      05: Paladin(2): {Smite Evil}
      06: Paladin(3): Divine Shield
      07: Fighter(4): Weapon Specialization: Greatsword
      08: Paladin(4): STR+1, (STR=18)
      09: Paladin(5): Divine Might
      10: Paladin(6)
      11: Paladin(7)
      12: Paladin(8): STR+1, Improved Critical: Greatsword, (STR=19)
      13: Paladin(9)
      14: Paladin(10)
      15: Paladin(11): Craft Wand
      16: Paladin(12): STR+1, (STR=20)
      17: Champion of Torm(1)
      18: Champion of Torm(2): Improved Knockdown, Cleave
      19: Champion of Torm(3)
      20: Champion of Torm(4): STR+1, Great Cleave, (STR=21)
      21: Paladin(13): Great Strength I, (STR=22)
      22: Paladin(14)
      23: Paladin(15)
      24: Champion of Torm(5): STR+1, Epic Skill Focus: Discipline, (STR=23)
      25: Champion of Torm(6): Armor Skin
      26: Champion of Torm(7)
      27: Champion of Torm(8): Great Charisma I, Epic Weapon Focus: Greatsword, (CHA=15)
      28: Champion of Torm(9): STR+1, (STR=24)
      29: Champion of Torm(10): Overwhelming Critical: Greatsword
      30: Champion of Torm(11): Great Charisma II, (CHA=16)
      31: Champion of Torm(12)
      32: Champion of Torm(13): STR+1, (STR=25)
      33: Champion of Torm(14): Great Charisma III, Devastating Critical: Greatsword, (CHA=17)
      34: Champion of Torm(15)
      35: Champion of Torm(16)
      36: Champion of Torm(17): CHA+1, Great Charisma IV, (CHA=19)
      37: Champion of Torm(18): Epic Weapon Specialization: Greatsword
      38: Fighter(5)
      39: Fighter(6): Great Charisma V, Epic Prowess, (CHA=20)
      40: Paladin(16): STR+1, (STR=26)

      Hitpoints: 400
      Skillpoints: 215
      Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 40/32/32
      Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +1
      BAB: 30
      AB (max, naked): 42 (melee), 30 (ranged)
      AC (naked/mundane armor/shield only): 15/26
      Spell Casting: Paladin(4)
      Alignment Changes: 0

      Concentration 43(43), Discipline 43(61), Spellcraft 3(5), Spot 40(42), Taunt 43(48), Tumble 20(19)

      01: Concentration(4), Discipline(4), Taunt(4), Tumble(2), Save(4),
      02: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(7),
      03: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Tumble(1), Save(8),
      04: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(11),
      05: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(4), Tumble(1), Save(8),
      06: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(10),
      07: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Tumble(1), Save(11),
      08: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(2), Save(12),
      09: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(1), Save(12),
      10: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(14),
      11: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(1), Save(14),
      12: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(16),
      13: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(1), Save(16),
      14: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(18),
      15: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(1), Save(18),
      16: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(20),
      17: Discipline(1), Spot(20), Tumble(1), Save(2),
      18: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Save(5),
      19: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Tumble(1), Save(6),
      20: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Save(9),
      21: Concentration(5), Discipline(1), Taunt(5), Tumble(1), Save(1),
      22: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(3),
      23: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(1), Save(3),
      24: Discipline(1), Spot(4), Save(3),
      25: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Tumble(1), Save(4),
      26: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Save(7),
      27: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Tumble(1), Save(8),
      28: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Save(11),
      29: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Tumble(1), Save(12),
      30: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Save(15),
      31: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Tumble(1), Save(16),
      32: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Save(19),
      33: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Tumble(1), Save(20),
      34: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Save(23),
      35: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Tumble(1), Save(24),
      36: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Save(27),
      37: Discipline(1), Spot(1), Tumble(1), Save(28),
      38: Concentration(15), Discipline(1), Save(17),
      39: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(20),
      40: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Spellcraft(3), Taunt(17),


      I hope you like him!


      Take it EZ!


        Loved reading this. Outrageously powerful. Ridiculous saves, immunities, a very nice lay on hands ability, great damage, nice use of craft wand (with limited paladin spells / day), extra AC from Divine Shield, and great AB (Expertise/Taunt and Divine Favor). Thanks for sharing!


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