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      This idea combines Grizzled_Dwarflord’s build concept, Mestil’s Pale Emissary with WebShaman’s Melee Mage idea.

      It combines:

      • Caster level 29 Wizard DC spellcasting with 30 base Int
      • Palemaster Crit/Sneak Immunity and EDR III, base 484hp for optimal damage shield survivability while being able to cast spells
      • Str 16. Weapon focus/Epic Weapon focus Scythe, for a secondary attack to save spells. And RP value.

      To explain, damage shields (Death Armor/Elemental Shield/Mestil’s Acid Sheath) do some of the highest damage in the game to mobs of melee enemies. The cost is the character receives a lot of damage. For this to work, the character needs a lot of HP and a way to reduce physical damage, which I obtain from Palemaster Crit/Sneak Immunity, Epic Damage Reduction III (9/-) and spells such as Premonition (30/5+) and Epic Warding (50/20+). And a pile of healing potions.

      I then add a secondary melee attack with the Scythe and Str 16 for some ‘melee mage’.

      Knockdown immunity will be essential. It has low AC, so Ranged enemies, Harm spells and Bigby’s 7/9 will be a problem one will have to strategise for.

      Build details:

      Illusionist(29), Pale Master(10), Fighter(1), Dwarf


      STR: 16
      DEX: 8
      CON: 18 (22)
      WIS: 8
      INT: 16 (30)
      CHA: 6

      Dwarf: (Darkvision, Defensive Training vs. Giants, Stonecunning, Hardiness vs. Poison, Hardiness vs. Spells, Offensive Training vs. Goblinoids, Offensive Training vs. Orcs, Skill Affinity: Lore)
      01: Illusionist(1): Toughness, {Scribe Scroll}
      02: Illusionist(2)
      03: Illusionist(3): Weapon Proficiency Exotic
      04: Illusionist(4): INT+1, (INT=17)
      05: Illusionist(5): Craft Wand
      06: Illusionist(6): Extend Spell
      07: Illusionist(7)
      08: Illusionist(8): INT+1, (INT=18)
      09: Illusionist(9): Empower Spell
      10: Illusionist(10): Spell Penetration
      11: Pale Master(1)
      12: Pale Master(2): INT+1, Greater Spell Penetration, (INT=19)
      13: Pale Master(3)
      14: Pale Master(4)
      15: Pale Master(5): Weapon Focus: Scythe
      16: Pale Master(6): INT+1, (INT=20)
      17: Pale Master(7)
      18: Pale Master(8): Maximize Spell
      19: Pale Master(9)
      20: Pale Master(10): CON+1, (CON=19)
      21: Illusionist(11): Great Constitution I, (CON=20)
      22: Illusionist(12)
      23: Illusionist(13)
      24: Fighter(1): CON+1, Epic Damage Reduction I, Epic Damage Reduction II, (CON=21)
      25: Illusionist(14)
      26: Illusionist(15): Great Intelligence I, (INT=21)
      27: Illusionist(16): Epic Damage Reduction III
      28: Illusionist(17): CON+1, (CON=22)
      29: Illusionist(18)
      30: Illusionist(19): Epic Weapon Focus: Scythe
      31: Illusionist(20): Great Intelligence II, (INT=22)
      32: Illusionist(21): INT+1, (INT=23)
      33: Illusionist(22): Epic Spell: Epic Warding
      34: Illusionist(23): Great Intelligence III, (INT=24)
      35: Illusionist(24)
      36: Illusionist(25): INT+1, Great Intelligence IV, (INT=26)
      37: Illusionist(26): Great Intelligence V, (INT=27)
      38: Illusionist(27)
      39: Illusionist(28): Great Intelligence VI, (INT=28)
      40: Illusionist(29): INT+1, Great Intelligence VII, (INT=30)

      Hitpoints: 484
      Skillpoints: 293
      Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 26/23/15
      Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +12, Poison: +2
      BAB: 20
      AB (max, naked): 26 (melee), 19 (ranged)
      AC (naked/mundane items only): 15/26
      Spell Casting: Wizard(9)
      Alignment Changes: 0

      Concentration 43(49), Disable Trap 21(33), Discipline 27(30), Heal 43(42), Listen 23(22), Open Lock 1(0), Search 21(31), Set Trap 14(15), Spellcraft 43(53)


        Cool build!

        I guess with sorcerer it will be very difficult, as there are no bonus feats in pre-epics….


        Edit: you already did it!

        Arch-Magus of the Greatsword (Sorcerer 35 / Cleric 3 / Fighter 2)


          Thanks Aquarius!

          Arch-Magus is a little different, it aims to have some AC unlike this one which is a low AC ‘hit me’ mage for those who enjoy receiving pain (and dishing it out at the same time).

          Very effective, but not for the faint hearted! (Make sure there are lots of healing potions available and ready to use, and hope there isn’t a lag spike if you are playing on a PW server)



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