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      My rogue has used spell sequencers to cast Mind Blank (mind affecting spell immunity) and Flame Weapon (added fire damage). She can cast these spells from each sequencer twice per day, and they get replenished after resting. (Source: NWN EE, WoG PW)

      The basics:

      Sequencers are items that store magical spells. These items can later be activated to cast the stored spells.

      The stored spell(s) are cast onto the user. Therefore only defensive spells and summons should be placed on the sequencer.

      (Note that some environments, such as World of Greyhawk PW, will not allow sequencers to store summons)

      Any character can use any sequencer they meet the requirements for. The standard Sequencer robe has no requirements, for example, apart from being equipped.

      Stored spells last until the sequencer is cleared by the player. The spells get replenished after resting.


      • a Fighter with no spell casting or UMD could ask a Wizard teammate to cast a spell on a Sequencer. The Sequencer then returned to the fighter, can be used to cast buffs such as Improved Invisibility, Premonition, Flame Weapon and Mind Blank once (or more) per day.  Provided the fighter does not clear the sequencer, those spells can cast and recast for as long as the sequencer is in possession.

      (Source: NWN EE, Pretty Good Character Creator module)

      The default sequencer items in the toolset I am aware of are only robes (which need to be equipped to be used):

      • Sequencer Robe (+3 AC, Sequencer 1 Spell 1 use/day)
      • Greater Sequencer Robe (+5 AC, Sequencer 2 spells, 1 use/day)
      • Isaac’s Sequencer Robe (+7 AC Sequencer 3 spells, 1 use/day)

      Sequencers are rare items in the official default campaigns (ie. Original Campaign, Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark). Custom sequencers can be made and can be more common in persistent worlds and custom modules.

      Clearing spells, storing spells and using spells from sequencers:

      Clearing Sequencers (top image)

      A sequencer must be empty to store a spell. The sequencer can be emptied by right clicking the sequencer and selecting “Clear Sequencer”

      Storing Spells on Sequencers (middle images)

      A spell can be stored on an empty sequencer by:

      • right clicking the sequencer and casting the spell on the sequencer. (middle left)
      • using a scroll and casting the scroll on the sequencer. (middle right)

      Spells are stored on sequencers forever until they are cleared by the player. They will stay on the sequencer after resting for example, allowing the stored spells to be recast without having to cast the spell again onto the sequencer.

      Using Spells from Sequencers (image bottom left)

      If it is required for the Sequencer to be equipped (ie Sequencer Robe), then equip it, then right click the sequencer, then select use.

      Using sequencers on the quickbar (image bottom right)

      Sequencers can be used on the quickbar (see image). Click and drag the sequencer onto the desired quickbar. Right click and select use sequencer (bottom left option). The sequencer can then be activated from the quickbar.

      Practical usage of Sequencers:

      There are a lot of excellent spells that can be placed on Sequencers. They can be divided into offensive buffs, defensive buffs and summons. Offensive spells (with the exception of some spells such as Mordenkainen’s Disjunction) cannot be put on a sequencer.

      Offensive buffs

      • Flame Weapon
      • Bull’s Strength
      • Haste / Mass Haste
      • Greater Bull’s Strength*, Greater Cat’s Grace*
      • Pen and Paper Tensor’s Transformation
      • Silence (self targeted)**

      Defensive buffs

      • Improved Invisibility (50% concealment)
      • Premonition
      • Greater Sanctuary
      • Mind Blank / Lesser Mind Blank
      • Shadow Shield
      • Owl’s Insight (for Monk’s with Wisdom AC)
      • See Invisibility / Ultravision**
      • Darkness**


      • Summon Creature IX or Elemental Swarm

      Caster levels and Sequencers:

      Certain spells have a much higher caster level on a sequencer than on a scroll or wand. These spells including Silence, Darkness.

      As an example, a Darkness Scroll or Wand has a caster level of 3. This means the spell lasts for 3 rounds. This is incredibly short, especially considering it takes a single round to use the Scroll or Wand.

      A Darkness spell on a Sequencer has a caster level of 10. This means the spell lasts for 10 rounds. This is more than three times longer and is therefore very useful for a rogue buffed with Ultravision/True Seeing using sneak attacks in the darkness or a warrior who wishes to hide from vision against ranged attacks.

      Spells stored on a sequencer follow a formula of:

      {    2x Innate Spell Level – 1     OR     10    } – whichever is higher

      Therefore a Darkness Spell with an Innate Spell Level of 2, will have a Caster Level of 3 on a Scroll / Wand but will have a Caster Level of 10 on a sequencer.

      The inverse is true as well, and certain spells have a lower caster level when cast from a sequencer compared to a scroll.

      As an example being Greater Sanctuary which has an Innate Spell Level of 6 therefore a Caster Level of 11 on a sequencer. Ordinarily Greater Sanctuary has a Caster Level of 18 on a scroll, therefore a scroll of Greater Sanctuary has a higher Caster Level. It doesn’t stop Greater Sanctuary being extremely useful as a ‘get out of jail card’ in combat (ie if your character is in big trouble during a battle, using Greater Sanctuary will allow that character to retreat, reset and reengage at a time of his/her chosing).

      Creating Custom Sequencers in the Toolset:

      Sequencers can be created in the toolset very easily.

      Top right hand corner of the toolset is the Paint Item Palette (the single sword). Click this, then Custom. Then choose the type of item you want by right clicking. I want to make a Sequencer Belt.

      Once the item is created in the toolset go to Properties, then under Available Properties select “Cast Spell” and scroll down a huge list to “Sequencer” then click the arrow to assign the property. The Property can then be edited by clicking the Edit Property button bottom right hand side to alter the Sequencer (potentially to use Charges or multiple uses / day).

      It is also important to add a property that allows the sequencer to be cleared. Select “Cast Spell” and then “Clear Sequencer” so the sequencer can be cleared by the player for another spell to be loaded.

      An example of a custom Sequencer. This is a 1×1 sized Sequencer that sits in the players inventory and can be activated at any time without having to be equipped! It can be placed on the Quickbar for easy use. (Source: NWN EE, WoG PW)


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