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      Hello everybody!

      Even though I am playing a ranger for the first time, there are many ideas on what to play next (well, maybe I need to level up a few pcs first, let’see).

      One of them is the Holy Disarmer, a high level paladin that can also kill enemies with one single blow of her big bad greatsword.

      Thanks to extend spell she can also better manage her spellbook, allowing her to store multiple slots with her favourite spells (who mentioned Divine Favor?).

      The aim is, therefore, to build a very high-level paladin that:

      • effectively disarms her opponent;
      • has a good AB;
      • obtains devastating critical.

      Just to point out: this build is not for roleplaying purposes, as legal good pcs are not meant to kill disarmed opponents.

      CHA and related stuff (like Divine might/shield) would have been “nice to have” (same for weapon specialisation), but room is not much and this would have come at the expense of STR, AB, dev. critical DC and damage.

      Now on with the build:


      Paladin(36), Fighter(2), Monk(2), Human

      STR: 17 (34)
      DEX: 8
      CON: 14
      WIS: 14
      INT: 13
      CHA: 8

      Human: (Quick to Master)
      01: Paladin(1): Expertise, Disarm
      02: Fighter(1): Improved Disarm
      03: Paladin(2): Weapon Focus: Greatsword, {Smite Evil}
      04: Paladin(3): STR+1, (STR=18)
      05: Paladin(4)
      06: Paladin(5): Knockdown
      07: Paladin(6)
      08: Paladin(7): STR+1, (STR=19)
      09: Paladin(8): Blind Fight
      10: Paladin(9)
      11: Paladin(10)
      12: Paladin(11): STR+1, Improved Critical: Greatsword, (STR=20)
      13: Paladin(12)
      14: Paladin(13)
      15: Paladin(14): Extend Spell
      16: Paladin(15): STR+1, (STR=21)
      17: Paladin(16)
      18: Paladin(17): Power Attack
      19: Paladin(18)
      20: Paladin(19): STR+1, (STR=22)
      21: Paladin(20): Great Strength I, (STR=23)
      22: Monk(1): {Cleave, Evasion, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist}
      23: Paladin(21)
      24: Paladin(22): STR+1, Great Strength II, (STR=25)
      25: Fighter(2): Great Cleave
      26: Paladin(23): Overwhelming Critical: Greatsword
      27: Paladin(24): Great Strength III, (STR=26)
      28: Paladin(25): STR+1, (STR=27)
      29: Paladin(26): Devastating Critical: Greatsword
      30: Paladin(27): Great Strength IV, (STR=28)
      31: Paladin(28)
      32: Paladin(29): STR+1, Epic Weapon Focus: Greatsword, (STR=29)
      33: Paladin(30): Great Strength V, (STR=30)
      34: Paladin(31)
      35: Paladin(32): Armor Skin
      36: Paladin(33): STR+1, Great Strength VI, (STR=32)
      37: Monk(2): {Deflect Arrows}
      38: Paladin(34)
      39: Paladin(35): Great Strength VII, Epic Prowess, (STR=33)
      40: Paladin(36): STR+1, (STR=34)

      Hitpoints: 476
      Skillpoints: 176
      Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 25/18/15
      Saving Throw bonuses:
      BAB: 30
      AB (max, naked): 46 (melee), 30 (ranged)
      AC (naked/mundane items only – no shield): 21/27
      Spell Casting: Paladin(4)
      Base Spell Slots (without ability cap): Paladin (Level 1-4, per Day): 4-4-3-3
      Multiclass XP Penalty: none
      Alignment Changes: 0

      Discipline 43(55), Listen 40(42), Open Lock 1(0), Taunt 43(42), Tumble 40(39), remaining skillpoints 8

      01: Discipline(4), Open Lock(1), Taunt(4), Save(6),
      02: Discipline(1), Save(9),
      03: Discipline(1), Taunt(2), Save(10),
      04: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(12),
      05: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(14),
      06: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(16),
      07: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(18),
      08: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(20),
      09: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(22),
      10: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(24),
      11: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(26),
      12: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(28),
      13: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(30),
      14: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(32),
      15: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(34),
      16: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(36),
      17: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(38),
      18: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(40),
      19: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(42),
      20: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(44),
      21: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(46),
      22: Discipline(1), Listen(25), Tumble(25), Save(1),
      23: Discipline(1), Taunt(2), Save(2),
      24: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(4),
      25: Discipline(1), Save(7),
      26: Discipline(1), Taunt(2), Save(8),
      27: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(10),
      28: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(12),
      29: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(14),
      30: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(16),
      31: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(18),
      32: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(20),
      33: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(22),
      34: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(24),
      35: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(26),
      36: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(28),
      37: Discipline(1), Listen(15), Tumble(15), Save(3),
      38: Discipline(1), Taunt(2), Save(4),
      39: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(6),
      40: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(8),


      AB: (unbuffed) 46/41/36/31 (buffed with gmw, divine favor, aid, bless, prayer) 59/54/49/44 (w. capped STR) 65/60/55/50, -5 when expertise or power attack are activated, up to +6 with a successful taunt attempt.

      Damage: (w. mundane greatsword) 2d6 + 18 (gmw, divine favor, prayer, deaf. clang, capped STR) 2d6 + 41, plus additional damage to undead and evil creatures.

      Devastating critical DC: base 42, w. capped STR 48

      Critical range: base 17-20, 15-20 with a keened greatsword (wizards and sorcerers, where are you?)

      AC: (base) 27 (w. +5 items) 47 (when expertise is activated) 52

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