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      Wanted to share a build designed when my pc was out for reparation: thinking about spellswords with weapon masters, I tried to combine two classes that suffer from feat starvation, ensuring the undispellability of sorcerer’s buffs (apart from Mords).

      Well, did it mainly because I like sorcerers, hehe!

      This would have not been done without a class that provides bonus feats, like fighter or champion of Torm, as practically the WM requirements occupy almost all the room for feats. This way, one can enjoy more the pc, as he/she has more HP and improved casting capability and versatility, damage and ability to knockdown enemies, saving some Bigbies 6 for future fights.

      Here it is, a STR spellsword:

      Sorcerer(25), Fighter(8), Weapon Master(7), Human

      STR: 16 (22)
      DEX: 13
      CON: 12
      WIS: 8
      INT: 13
      CHA: 14 (19)

      Human: (Quick to Master)
      01: Sorcerer(1): Toughness, Still Spell
      02: Sorcerer(2)
      03: Sorcerer(3): Expertise
      04: Sorcerer(4): STR+1, (STR=17)
      05: Fighter(1): Weapon Focus: Light Hammer
      06: Sorcerer(5): Craft Wand
      07: Sorcerer(6)
      08: Sorcerer(7): STR+1, (STR=18)
      09: Fighter(2): Dodge, Mobility
      10: Fighter(3)
      11: Fighter(4): Weapon Specialization: Light Hammer
      12: Fighter(5): CHA+1, Spring Attack, (CHA=15)
      13: Fighter(6): Whirlwind Attack
      14: Weapon Master(1): Weapon of Choice: Light Hammer
      15: Weapon Master(2): Knockdown
      16: Weapon Master(3): CHA+1, (CHA=16)
      17: Weapon Master(4)
      18: Sorcerer(8): Empower Spell
      19: Weapon Master(5)
      20: Weapon Master(6): CHA+1, (CHA=17)
      21: Sorcerer(9): Epic Weapon Focus: Light Hammer
      22: Sorcerer(10)
      23: Sorcerer(11)
      24: Sorcerer(12): CHA+1, Great Strength I, (STR=19), (CHA=18)
      25: Sorcerer(13)
      26: Sorcerer(14)
      27: Sorcerer(15): Epic Prowess
      28: Sorcerer(16): CHA+1, (CHA=19)
      29: Sorcerer(17)
      30: Sorcerer(18): Automatic Still Spell I
      31: Weapon Master(7)
      32: Sorcerer(19): STR+1, (STR=20)
      33: Sorcerer(20): Automatic Still Spell II
      34: Sorcerer(21)
      35: Sorcerer(22)
      36: Sorcerer(23): STR+1, Automatic Still Spell III, Epic Spell: Epic Mage Armor, (STR=21)
      37: Fighter(7)
      38: Fighter(8): Epic Weapon Specialization: Light Hammer
      39: Sorcerer(24): Epic Spell: Epic Warding
      40: Sorcerer(25): STR+1, (STR=22)

      Hitpoints: 330
      Skillpoints: 172
      Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 20/19/20
      Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +8
      BAB: 26
      AB (max, naked): 37 (melee), 28 (ranged)
      AC (naked/mundane items only): 15/26
      Spell Casting: Sorcerer(9)
      Alignment Changes: 0

      Concentration 43(44), Discipline 40(46), Intimidate 4(8), Open Lock 1(2), Spellcraft 39(40), Tumble 20(21)

      01: Concentration(4), Open Lock(1), Spellcraft(4), Save(6),
      02: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(8),
      03: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(10),
      04: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(12),
      05: Concentration(1), Discipline(8), Save(7),
      06: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(2), Save(8),
      07: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Tumble(5),
      08: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(2),
      09: Concentration(1), Discipline(4), Save(1),
      10: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(3),
      11: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(5),
      12: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(7),
      13: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Intimidate(4), Save(1),
      14: Discipline(1), Save(4),
      15: Discipline(1), Save(7),
      16: Discipline(1), Save(10),
      17: Discipline(1), Tumble(5), Save(3),
      18: Concentration(5), Spellcraft(2),
      19: Discipline(2), Save(2),
      20: Discipline(1), Save(5),
      21: Concentration(3), Spellcraft(6),
      22: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(3),
      23: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(3),
      24: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(2), Save(1),
      25: Concentration(1), Save(4),
      26: Concentration(1), Save(7),
      27: Concentration(1), Tumble(5),
      28: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(2), Save(1),
      29: Concentration(1), Save(4),
      30: Concentration(1), Save(7),
      31: Discipline(11),
      32: Concentration(2), Save(2),
      33: Concentration(1), Save(5),
      34: Concentration(1), Save(8),
      35: Concentration(1), Save(11),
      36: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(13),
      37: Concentration(1), Discipline(6), Tumble(5),
      38: Concentration(1), Save(3),
      39: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(6),
      40: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(3),


      As a weapon, he/she would wield a 1-hand and slashing weapon, due to low STR score and sinergy with Keen edge.

      In order not to always choose scimitar, and change wf in weapons, I chose WF in light hammer, but one is free to chose any other weapon (longsword?).

      Unfortunately, there are no pally buffs to saves, nor divine shield/might or devastating critical. However, she can cast in full plate and enjoy some variability in spellbook management thanks to still and empower spell feats.

      Some statistics (excluding Tenser’s effects):

      AB 36 + great magic weapon 5 + capped STR 6 = 47 (to be added true strike and Tensers’).

      AC: base 26 + EMA (20) = 46 + haste 4 + mage armor 1 + 5 shield AC = 56 (plus other 10 dodge, if capped)

      Damage: 1d4+ STR 6 + capped STR 6 + WS/EWS 6 = 1d4 + 18 + 1d4+10 fire from Flame Weapon

      Critical range and multiplier: 19-20, x3.

      Saves are tad low, so better to rely on buffs (protection from alignment, lesser mind blank as an example)

      Craft wand has been chosen, but one can replace it with Scribe Scroll, to be able to save some Mords/Summon creature/other spells when they are needed.

      I searched both into the old and new guilds for this combo, and surprisingly no one included fighter or CoT as a third class:

      Tries to reach the highest AB, but at the expense of CON (10 only for a fighter-type build): definitively not a spellsword.

      Very high AB, without casting power and 10 Con

      DEX build , goes for two weapon fighting but needs to take them in epics as WM requirements occupy almost all the pre-     epic feats. Could be optimized on some aspects (e.g. WIS 8 instead of 10).

      Any comment is welcome!


      Edit: thanks to Maximilian Kane for the (implicit) suggestion for the build’s name hehe! Although it is to be noted that they are completely different builds.


        This looks really fun. Full Sorcerer spellkit + AB 37 / EWS

        Darkness can be cast in full armor with no failure even without still spell, so if the build uses ultravision, it could thrive. You’ll put blind fight in there?

        With the weapon choice, if you don’t want to go scimitar, would you think of a weapon with a x3 modifier, so you get the increased crit range + a x4 crit modifier? It does limit you to axes (handaxe, battleaxe) and warhammers if you choose a single handed weapon.


          Thank you Orion for the reply!

          You are correct, better switch to battleaxe: it will be a new weapon for me, and keen attack will be useful. Kill two birds with one stone, I would say!

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