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    This build combines a few ideas:

    • Bard 31 for great bard/curse song, spellcasting, skills, Lasting Inspiration, Taunt, bonus feats
    • Blackguard 4 for Dark Blessing (boost to saves), Divine Shield/Might (+4-10 dodge AC or divine damage/hit), Martial Weapon Proficiency and Heavy Armor Proficiency, +1d6 sneak attack
    • Rogue 5 for evasion, uncanny dodge, trap skills (including setting epic traps with Bard Song boost) +3d6 sneak attack
    • 368 skill points, rogue/bard class skills enhanced by Bard 21 to 30 song (+9 to 19 to skills)
    • Near universal weapon wielder (although least effective with double bladed swords / dire maces / double axes)

    Added damage per hit – +10-16 Str damage (single handed) or +15 to 24 Str damage (two handed), +4d6 sneak attack, +3 bludgeoning (bard song), +4-10 divine damage (Divine Might).

    AB boosts from Bard’s Bull Strength, Blackguard Bull Strength (stackable), Bard Song.

    AC boosts from Bard song (+5-7 AC), Haste spell (+4), Divine Shield (+4-10 AC), Mage Armor (usually +1 dodge AC at higher levels).

    AC lowering from Bard’s Curse Song (-5 to 7 AC), Taunt (up to -6 AC), Darkness spell (makes enemies flat footed losing Dex, Dodge and Tumble AC, unless they have ultravision or true seeing).

    50% concealment from Improved Invisibility.

    To get Perform 100, one needs to cap Charisma (+6) then get +perform skill items (+37) which is an onerous task but achievable in some environments.

    HP is a little low but when constitution is capped it hits 538hp.

    Spot or Listen – Spot is a more useful skill overall, but Listen can be boosted by Bard’s Amplify spell.

    Build details:

    Blackguard(4), Bard(31), Rogue(5), Human

    Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil

    STR: 16 (30)
    DEX: 8
    CON: 12
    WIS: 8
    INT: 16
    CHA: 14 (18)

    Human: (Quick to Master)
    01: Rogue(1): Expertise, Blind Fight
    02: Bard(1)
    03: Bard(2): Weapon Proficiency Exotic
    04: Bard(3): STR+1, (STR=17)
    05: Bard(4)
    06: Bard(5): Power Attack
    07: Bard(6)
    08: Rogue(2): STR+1, {Evasion}, (STR=18)
    09: Bard(7): Cleave
    10: Blackguard(1)
    11: Blackguard(2): {Smite Good}
    12: Blackguard(3): STR+1, Divine Shield, (STR=19)
    13: Bard(8)
    14: Rogue(3): {Uncanny Dodge I}
    15: Bard(9): Curse Song
    16: Bard(10): STR+1, (STR=20)
    17: Bard(11)
    18: Blackguard(4): Divine Might
    19: Bard(12)
    20: Rogue(4): CHA+1, (CHA=15)
    21: Bard(13): Great Charisma I, (CHA=16)
    22: Bard(14)
    23: Bard(15)
    24: Bard(16): STR+1, Great Strength I, (STR=22)
    25: Bard(17)
    26: Bard(18)
    27: Bard(19): Great Strength II, (STR=23)
    28: Bard(20): STR+1, (STR=24)
    29: Bard(21)
    30: Bard(22): Lasting Inspiration
    31: Bard(23): Epic Skill Focus: Perform
    32: Bard(24): STR+1, (STR=25)
    33: Bard(25): Great Strength III, (STR=26)
    34: Rogue(5)
    35: Bard(26): Great Charisma II, (CHA=17)
    36: Bard(27): STR+1, Great Strength IV, (STR=28)
    37: Bard(28)
    38: Bard(29): Great Charisma III, (CHA=18)
    39: Bard(30): Great Strength V, (STR=29)
    40: Bard(31): STR+1, (STR=30)

    Hitpoints: 296
    Skillpoints: 368
    Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 24/23/26
    Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +6
    BAB: 26
    AB (max, naked): 36 (melee), 25 (ranged)
    AC (naked/mundane items only): 17/28
    Spell Casting: Bard(6)
    Alignment Changes: 0

    Disable Trap 36(41), Discipline 43(53), Hide 5(4), Listen or Spot 35(34), Open Lock 12(11), Perform 43(57), Search 23(26), Set Trap 35(36), Spellcraft 27(30), Taunt 43(47), Tumble 40(39), UMD 26(30)

    01: Disable Trap(4), Hide(4), Listen(4), Open Lock(4), Search(4), Set Trap(4), Tumble(4), UMD(4), Save(16),
    02: Discipline(5), Hide(1), Listen(1), Perform(1), Spellcraft(5), Taunt(5), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(4),
    03: Discipline(1), Listen(1), Perform(3), Spellcraft(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(3),
    04: Discipline(1), Listen(1), Perform(3), Spellcraft(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(2),
    05: Discipline(1), Listen(1), Spellcraft(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(4),
    06: Discipline(1), Spellcraft(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(7),
    07: Discipline(1), Perform(3), Spellcraft(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(7),
    08: Disable Trap(7), Open Lock(6), Search(4), Set Trap(1), UMD(1),
    09: Discipline(2), Spellcraft(2), Taunt(2), UMD(1), Save(1),
    10: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(5),
    11: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(9),
    12: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(13),
    13: Discipline(1), Perform(3), Taunt(1), Tumble(5), UMD(4), Save(7),
    14: Disable Trap(6), Open Lock(2), Search(2), Set Trap(9),
    15: Discipline(2), Spellcraft(3), Taunt(2), Save(1),
    16: Discipline(1), Spellcraft(2), Taunt(1), UMD(3), Save(2),
    17: Discipline(1), Perform(3), Taunt(1), Tumble(5),
    18: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), Save(4),
    19: Discipline(1), Taunt(1), UMD(3), Save(7),
    20: Disable Trap(6), Search(13),
    21: Discipline(2), Taunt(2), UMD(2), Save(2),
    22: Discipline(1), Perform(2), Taunt(1), Tumble(5), UMD(1),
    23: Discipline(1), Listen(2), Perform(3), Taunt(1), UMD(1),
    24: Discipline(1), Perform(6), Taunt(1),
    25: Discipline(1), Listen(2), Perform(1), Spellcraft(3), Taunt(1),
    26: Discipline(1), Listen(5), Perform(1), Taunt(1),
    27: Discipline(1), Perform(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(5),
    28: Discipline(1), Listen(1), Perform(1), Spellcraft(2), Taunt(1), Save(2),
    29: Discipline(1), Perform(1), Taunt(1), Save(7),
    30: Discipline(1), Perform(1), Taunt(1), Save(12),
    31: Discipline(1), Perform(1), Taunt(1), Save(17),
    32: Discipline(1), Perform(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(5), Save(17),
    33: Discipline(1), Perform(1), Taunt(1), Save(22),
    34: Disable Trap(13), Set Trap(21),
    35: Discipline(2), Listen(2), Perform(2), Taunt(2),
    36: Discipline(1), Perform(1), Spellcraft(5), Taunt(1),
    37: Discipline(1), Perform(1), Taunt(1), Tumble(5),
    38: Discipline(1), Listen(5), Perform(1), Taunt(1),
    39: Discipline(1), Listen(5), Perform(1), Taunt(1),
    40: Discipline(1), Listen(5), Perform(1), Taunt(1),

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