The Ripper of Nerull (Rogue 29 / Monk 6 / Blackguard 5)

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      Image source: TheDigitalArtist, slightly edited


      I wanted to create something that was a completely nasty piece of work, ultra high sneak attack, 8 to 10 attacks / round, great saves, taunt and difficult to hit with ultra high dexterity, difficult to damage with evasion.

      I created this build concept, a Rogue / Monk / Blackguard. He or she wields two kamas, which combined with monk allows for the ultra-high attacks per round. There are various nasty features with the attacks that I have exploited:

      • There is 16d6 sneak attack / hit, which if there are 10 attacks / round, this is 160d6 sneak attack (median 480 damage / round in sneak attacks).
      • Crippling strike which can lower the enemy’s strength by 2 points / sneak attack, or 20 points per round with those 10 attacks.
      • Divine might and power attack for enemies who are sneak attack immune, adding +3 to 9 divine damage and +5 physical per hit, up to 140 damage / round with 10 attacks.
      • Boost strength up with the Use Magic Device skill (ie Bull’s Strength) which stacks with Blackguard’s Bull’s strength for (+1d4+1)x2 strength, which adds 4 to 10 strength to the character temporarily (further +2 to 5 damage / hit, or +20-50 damage/round).
      • Taunt is in the build to lower enemy AC by up to 6, meaning the character has potential to defeat enemies with an effective AB of 45 at level 40. One can then use Improved Knockdown (or Use Magical Device ie Bigby’s Forceful Hand scrolls) to knock em to the ground to unload further pain.

      If we add just the numbers above: 480 + 140 + 50 = 670 median damage (1150 damage maximum sneak attack damage) and 20 strength damage / round.

      Then add weapon enchantments, kama damage -> you get the picture. Ripped up crippled opponents taunted off guard. Just wicked.

      I haven’t put stealth in the build, assuming invisibility potions (or a invisibility wand made by a friendly mage) might do the job. The character also has +20 monk speed, which has a special feature where the speed cap is unlocked. So the character, with permanent haste boots / mass haste scroll, plus a scroll of expeditious retreat, *can* run at the speed of light at his or her enemies, which might be handy against some high value target one has to eliminate, like an arcane caster, then charge out like a Speedy Gonzales like in the old Warner Bros cartoons except murderous and armed to the teeth. The Blackguard summons might be handy as a distraction, to help escape against hapless NPCs, although I don’t view them as much use (perhaps as cannon fodder for mages to use their spells on).

      He also has fabulous armor class with all that dexterity, +9-15 AC with +8 tumble AC, along with Epic Dodge, and Use Magical Devices. He can also add up to +9 AC with Divine Shield too for short periods. He can also set and retrieve deadly traps, and detect and disable epic traps, and has some ability to recognize enemy spells that are cast.

      The downsides will be magic. To be fair however, this is a problem for a lot of characters, not just this one. He probably fares better than most with the saves with Improved Evasion, Slippery Mind along with the ability to self-buff himself with protections such as Spell Mantles, Greater Sanctuary and other protections along with the ability to charge in at light speed. But he won’t be wanting to run into a mob with a mage in the back lines. That mage is going to have to be eliminated first.

      The other downside are the piles of loot he will have to carry after defeating all his enemies, for which he will want to recruit a hapless teammate with a good strength score to be his packmule until he has enough Bags of Holding. Oh and the low intelligence dialogue, which is mostly implemented in the Original Campaign but not other campaigns (I understand – correct me if I’m wrong).

      All in all, a nasty piece of work that is looking to rip into his or her enemies, with some great RP potential with the evil ripper player character. Maybe a Paladin might be stronger for disease/fear immunity, however there will be a 20% exp penalty from level 21 to 38 if one re-arranges the levels for Paladin instead. I like the Blackguard here I think.

      Photo source: Mitja Juraja

      Build details:

      Rogue(29), Monk(6), Blackguard(5), Human

      Lawful Evil, designed for PvM solo or parties playable 1-40

      STR: 14
      DEX: 16 (28)
      CON: 14
      WIS: 8
      INT: 8
      CHA: 15 (16)

      Human: (Quick to Master)
      01: Rogue(1): Ambidexterity, Two-Weapon Fighting
      02: Rogue(2): {Evasion}
      03: Monk(1): Weapon Finesse, {Cleave, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist}
      04: Monk(2): DEX+1, {Deflect Arrows}, (DEX=17)
      05: Rogue(3): {Uncanny Dodge I}
      06: Monk(3): Blind Fight
      07: Monk(4)
      08: Rogue(4): DEX+1, (DEX=18)
      09: Blackguard(1): Power Attack
      10: Blackguard(2): {Smite Good}
      11: Rogue(5)
      12: Rogue(6): CHA+1, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, (CHA=16)
      13: Rogue(7)
      14: Rogue(8)
      15: Blackguard(3): Divine Shield
      16: Rogue(9): DEX+1, (DEX=19)
      17: Rogue(10): Crippling Strike
      18: Blackguard(4): Divine Might
      19: Rogue(11)
      20: Rogue(12): DEX+1, (DEX=20)
      21: Monk(5): Weapon Focus: Kama
      22: Monk(6): {Knockdown, Improved Knockdown}
      23: Rogue(13): Slippery Mind
      24: Rogue(14): DEX+1, Epic Weapon Focus: Kama, (DEX=21)
      25: Rogue(15)
      26: Rogue(16): Improved Evasion
      27: Rogue(17): Great Dexterity I, (DEX=22)
      28: Rogue(18): DEX+1, (DEX=23)
      29: Rogue(19): Defensive Roll
      30: Rogue(20): Epic Prowess
      31: Rogue(21)
      32: Rogue(22): DEX+1, (DEX=24)
      33: Rogue(23): Great Dexterity II, (DEX=25)
      34: Rogue(24): Epic Dodge
      35: Rogue(25)
      36: Rogue(26): DEX+1, Epic Fortitude, (DEX=26)
      37: Rogue(27)
      38: Blackguard(5)
      39: Rogue(28): Great Dexterity III, Epic Skill Focus: Taunt, (DEX=27)
      40: Rogue(29): DEX+1, (DEX=28)

      Hitpoints: 352
      Skillpoints: 290
      Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 31/21/35
      Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +2, Mind Effects: +2, Traps: +5
      BAB: 26
      AB (max, naked): 39 (melee), 36 (ranged)
      AC (naked/mundane items only): 28/30
      Spell Casting:
      Alignment Changes: 0

      Disable Trap 37(38), Discipline 41(43), Hide 5(14), Open Lock 1(10), Search 26(25), Set Trap 5(16), Spellcraft 11(10), Spot 42(41), Taunt 41(54), Tumble 40(49), UMD 30(33)

      01: Disable Trap(4), Hide(4), Open Lock(1), Search(4), Set Trap(4), Spot(4), Tumble(4), UMD(4), Save(3),
      02: Disable Trap(1), Hide(1), Search(1), Set Trap(1), Spot(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(4),
      03: Discipline(6), Tumble(1), Save(1),
      04: Discipline(1), Tumble(1), Save(3),
      05: Disable Trap(1), Search(1), Tumble(1), UMD(3), Save(5),
      06: Discipline(2), Tumble(1), Save(6),
      07: Discipline(1), Tumble(1), Save(8),
      08: Tumble(1), UMD(3), Save(12),
      09: Discipline(2), Taunt(12),
      10: Discipline(1), Taunt(1),
      11: Disable Trap(2), Tumble(3), UMD(3),
      12: Disable Trap(6), Tumble(1), UMD(1),
      13: Disable Trap(2), Spot(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(3),
      14: Disable Trap(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(8),
      15: Discipline(5), Taunt(5),
      16: Disable Trap(2), Spot(2), Tumble(2), UMD(2),
      17: Disable Trap(1), Spot(1), Tumble(1), UMD(1), Save(4),
      18: Discipline(3), Taunt(3),
      19: Disable Trap(2), Search(4), UMD(2),
      20: Disable Trap(1), Search(3), Spot(2), UMD(1), Save(1),
      21: Discipline(3), Save(2),
      22: Discipline(1), Tumble(5),
      23: Disable Trap(3), Search(1), Spot(1), UMD(3),
      24: Disable Trap(1), Search(3), Spot(3), UMD(1),
      25: Disable Trap(1), Search(3), Spot(3), UMD(1),
      26: Disable Trap(1), Search(3), Spot(3), UMD(1),
      27: Disable Trap(1), Spot(1), Tumble(5), UMD(1),
      28: Disable Trap(1), Search(3), Spot(4),
      29: Disable Trap(1), Spot(2), Save(5),
      30: Disable Trap(1), Spellcraft(6),
      31: Disable Trap(1), Spot(6), Save(1),
      32: Disable Trap(1), Tumble(5), Save(3),
      33: Disable Trap(1), Save(10),
      34: Disable Trap(1), Save(17),
      35: Save(25),
      36: Save(33),
      37: Tumble(5), Save(36),
      38: Discipline(16), Taunt(20), Save(2),
      39: Spellcraft(5),
      40: Spot(8),

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