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      I want to share this build draft, which I believe could have some merit. The idea is a competent archer with double full divine spellbook, who can also melee in case of need as a divinely infused dragon. It is very minmaxed, so HP and skillpoints are very bad. However, I believe it is easy to level (I am thinking in the WoG environment at least) with buffed summons and the ability to Darkfire arrows. The endgame modes are all very strong, you can set up the classic Druid area control combos and rain down arrows while your summons punch the enemies, or just spam them to death with your damage-dealing spells, or turn into a big scary dragon if you don’t fear dispels.


      – full Druid and Cleric spellbook, with decent DC. Examples (capped WIS): Implosion 39F, SoV 36R, Stonehold 33W. Not many classes can survive all three saves, let alone make the saves every round.

      – up to 16 casts of Storm of Vengeance per day (hence the name). I believe the theoretical maximum is 17, but you need to skip the Monk level to get there. If Hasted, this means that the first SoV is almost over by the time you have cast the last 🙂

      – Dragon shape with Cleric buffs. Nigh unbeatable until an enemy with dispels comes around.

      – Decent 40 AB with a bow (plus Cleric buffs!). Summon a melee tank and watch them fall.


      – 240 HP and a grand total of 89 skillpoints. So no Discipline, and no Concentration, for instance.

      – Utter lack of combat feats: no Blindfight, Knockdown, Called Shot, Improved Crit, nothing.

      – All three of Druid power, Cleric power and Monk power come late. Even the early level progression is bad to minimise XP penalty.

      – Quite dispellable, the bane of Dragon builds. This is however not a Dragon build per se, Dragon shape is there for the times when it is useful. When it is good, it will be really good.

      Tweaks: I am not sure Longbow is the way to go. One could be Human and focus in Crossbow or Sling, drop Rapid shot, and gain 1-2 feats and a full skill (Concentration, for instance). The reasoning behind Elf/Longbow/Rapid shot is that the AB on all your attacks will be so good, it makes a lot of sense to shoot once more per round. I am unsure of the domains too, in particular I would really like Strength there. On WoG you could go Strength + Destruction (St. Cuthbert) I believe, which would be ok. This gives you Acid Fog which is actually a good complement to Druid control spells. Trickery+Travel is possible on WoG by worshipping Sehanine Moonbow, but you cannot be lawful so it does not work for this build.

      There is also an argument that you could take a second Monk level for easier leveling, but you would lose a level 9 slot which is unacceptable.

      I appreciate comments and the inevitable improvements that this build deserves!

      The Stormbringer

      Druid(19), Monk(1), Cleric(20), Elf, Lawful Neutral

      STR: 13
      DEX: 13
      CON: 6
      WIS: 18 (32)
      INT: 8
      CHA: 14

      Elf: (Hardiness vs. Enchantments, Keen Sense, Low-light Vision, Skill Affinity: Listen, Skill Affinity: Search, Skill Affinity: Spot, Sleeplessness)
      01: Druid(1): Point Blank Shot
      02: Cleric(1): Domain Trickery, Domain Travel
      03: Cleric(2): Rapid Shot
      04: Druid(2): WIS+1, (WIS=19)
      05: Druid(3)
      06: Cleric(3): Zen Archery
      07: Cleric(4)
      08: Druid(4): WIS+1, (WIS=20)
      09: Druid(5): Extend Spell
      10: Cleric(5)
      11: Cleric(6)
      12: Druid(6): WIS+1, Power Attack, (WIS=21)
      13: Druid(7)
      14: Cleric(7)
      15: Cleric(8): Divine Might
      16: Druid(8): WIS+1, (WIS=22)
      17: Cleric(9)
      18: Cleric(10): Weapon Focus: Longbow
      19: Cleric(11)
      20: Cleric(12): WIS+1, (WIS=23)
      21: Druid(9): Great Wisdom I, (WIS=24)
      22: Druid(10)
      23: Druid(11)
      24: Druid(12): WIS+1, Great Wisdom II, (WIS=26)
      25: Druid(13)
      26: Cleric(13)
      27: Cleric(14): Great Wisdom III, (WIS=27)
      28: Druid(14): WIS+1, (WIS=28)
      29: Cleric(15)
      30: Druid(15): Great Wisdom IV, (WIS=29)
      31: Druid(16)
      32: Druid(17): WIS+1, (WIS=30)
      33: Druid(18): Dragon Shape
      34: Cleric(16)
      35: Cleric(17)
      36: Cleric(18): WIS+1, Epic Weapon Focus: Longbow, (WIS=31)
      37: Monk(1): {Cleave, Evasion, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist}
      38: Cleric(19)
      39: Druid(19): Epic Prowess
      40: Cleric(20): WIS+1, (WIS=32)

      Hitpoints: 240
      Skillpoints: 89
      Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 22/35/17
      Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +8, Mind Effects: +2, Fear: +2
      BAB: 25
      AB (max, naked): 27 (melee), 40 (ranged)
      AC (naked/mundane items only): 30/30
      Spell Casting: Druid(9),Cleric(9)
      Alignment Changes: 0

      Disable Trap 1(0), Open Lock 1(2), Spellcraft 43(42), Tumble 40(41), remaining skillpoints 2

      01: Disable Trap(1), Open Lock(1), Spellcraft(4), Save(4),
      02: Spellcraft(1), Save(4),
      03: Spellcraft(1), Save(4),
      04: Spellcraft(1), Save(6),
      05: Spellcraft(1), Save(8),
      06: Spellcraft(1), Save(8),
      07: Spellcraft(1), Save(8),
      08: Spellcraft(1), Save(10),
      09: Spellcraft(1), Save(12),
      10: Spellcraft(1), Save(12),
      11: Spellcraft(1), Save(12),
      12: Spellcraft(1), Save(14),
      13: Spellcraft(1), Save(16),
      14: Spellcraft(1), Save(16),
      15: Spellcraft(1), Save(16),
      16: Spellcraft(1), Save(18),
      17: Spellcraft(1), Save(18),
      18: Spellcraft(1), Save(18),
      19: Spellcraft(1), Save(18),
      20: Spellcraft(1), Save(18),
      21: Spellcraft(1), Save(20),
      22: Spellcraft(1), Save(22),
      23: Spellcraft(1), Save(24),
      24: Spellcraft(1), Save(26),
      25: Spellcraft(1), Save(28),
      26: Spellcraft(1), Save(28),
      27: Spellcraft(1), Save(28),
      28: Spellcraft(1), Save(30),
      29: Spellcraft(1), Save(30),
      30: Spellcraft(1), Save(32),
      31: Spellcraft(1), Save(34),
      32: Spellcraft(1), Save(36),
      33: Spellcraft(1), Save(38),
      34: Spellcraft(1), Save(38),
      35: Spellcraft(1), Save(38),
      36: Spellcraft(1), Save(38),
      37: Tumble(40), Save(1),
      38: Spellcraft(2),
      39: Spellcraft(1), Save(2),
      40: Spellcraft(1), Save(2),

      Credits: this build was inspired by the classic Order of Jormungandr, as well as by the Divine Damage Druid Dragon. I added level 9 Cleric casting to the latter and this is what I got. The trigger that got me working on this is actually the line “potentially the most powerful dual-caster spellsword: Cleric / Druid / Monk.” in the recent guide. I am sure this is NOT what the authors were thinking about, but I find it interesting (would love to know what kind of character you were thinking of, btw).


      Maximillian Kane

        Hey Squid!


        Since I was the one who made the statement that instigated your curiosity, allow me to explain, and then I’d also like to make a small commentary about the build itself.


        The reason I said that Cleric / Druid / Monk would potentially be the most powerful dual-caster Spellsword was because both Druids and Clerics cast with Wisdom, and Monk adds Wisdom to AC, so there’s a lot of synergy stat-wise, that revolves around Wisdom.

        Spell DCs will be high for both Cleric and Druid spells, and Spell Focus (Conjuration) will apply to Druid’s and Cleric’s SoVs, so you’d be able to perma-stun your non-immune opponents, and Cleric buffs + Dragon Shape doesn’t need any explaining. It does have all the vulnerabilities you describe, mainly to dispel, but if you bait the dispels proficiently (which is something I know you can do, having played the Wood Witch to 40 on WoG), it’s just a powerhouse.

        Now, about the build, but also taking into account what I mentioned above, you didn’t take advantage of the best part of the combo, which is the synergy in the casting stat, by not taking any Spell Focus. Instead, you decided to invest your feats into being a proficient archer, but you didn’t take Called Shot (which for me is almost mandatory in any archer build), and in doing divine damage with a capped CHA modifier of 8 and Divine Might. Although I do appreciate the effort, I don’t think it’s the best way to build this class combo. If I were going to do it, I’d take only Zen Archery at level 6, then Extend and Empower spell, Knockdown and Spell Focus / Greater Spell Focus. Then in Epics, you do have a bit of a dilemma, because you need to get Wisdom 30 for Dragon Shape before level 40, which means you need to end your Wisdom in at least 32. Again, I’d swap around the EWF in the bow for ESF: Conjuration to better explore the synergy in casting. With Cleric buffs, you’ll still be able to hit VERY OFTEN even without any Weapon Feats. And finally, I’d go with the split in the Order of Jormungandr (20/18/2) for Deflect Arrows. When in DS, you’ll have both hands free, which means you’re sure to avoid the first missile that would hit you each turn. Since not much will hit you, that means you’ll ignore pretty much all the ranged damage you would take. Not to mention 1 Tumble Dump at level 22 would make your leveling process SO MUCH easier!


        And finally, I know you said you were trying to avoid XP penalty with this build, which only happens because you went with Elf. If you had chosen Human, you could freely go with Cleric 16 / Druid 4 pre-epic, or even Druid 16 Cleric 4, both of which would be easier to level, and you’d have 40 more skill points and an extra feat to show for, both of which are extremely desirable, given how starved this build is in these areas. I’d say going Elf doesn’t add much to this class combo, except being able to take the archery feats, which isn’t what makes it “OP”. So, again, I appreciate the effort and originality, but you have to agree with me that this class combo might not be the best “trying grounds” for this type of concept. Perhaps a Druid / Monk / CoT could be, if you used the bonus feats from CoT to get the archery stuff. Then you’d still be able to include all the other necessry stuff like KD, Blind Fight and potentially, but not necessarily, even Spell Focus feats. But then you wouldn’t have 2 caster classes that would benefit from these feats, so it wouldn’t be such a big loss.


        Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents! I hope it helps!


          Hi Max, thanks for your reply!

          I hear you on all accounts, and I believe you are correct on all accounts. You are in fact too generous, I have leveled this to 10 and it was a major pain (would not try again). This is a very feat-starved class combination: I would immediately agree to drop STR and CHA to 8, drop Power Attack and Divine Might, and change to Human. The next step is to drop Rapid Shot, probably drop DEX to 10 or 8 and drop the weapon focus feats. At which point it is basically Order of Jormungandr (and for good reason, it is a great build). I will try to keep the build more focused on spellcasting and less reliant on DS.

          I would try to keep Cleric 12 pre-epic for some fighting prowess. It will not be the “I am god” feeling of the level 17 Magical Master but should be strong, with one Druid level for buffed summons. 16 Cleric means you have to wait until 36 for DS though, so I am leaning 12-8.

          As for the feats, what do you think of Evocation focus (for the various damage spells, including empowered Fire storm, empowered Blade Barrier, and Implosion)?

          I would propose, for pre-epic feats: Extend, Empower, Zen archery, GSF: conj, GSF: evo, and Scribe Scroll. I know Knockdown is probably better than Scribe Scroll, but I like it in a build with many uncast Harms and Summon IX per day. The two free epic feats can be a combination of ESF and Epic Prowess (which has some value for DS).

          I still do believe that Rapid Shot has some value here (sling power!), as it increases your damage output by more than 20% (your AB is still high enough that most attacks will hit throughout your career), would not be sure what two feats to drop for it.

          Finally, on the second Monk level: here I think I disagree. I don’t think Deflect Arrows is a good enough reason to justify losing a level 9 slot, as in DS you will dodge (or absorb) most attacks anyway. The earlier skilldump+AC bonus+attack progression is IMO a better reason, but I personally would fight through without it for (slightly) more lategame power.

          I will test and post back a refined build, this was trying to fit too much in.

          Thanks again, let me know your thoughts!


            This is a really nice idea. Zen Archer with a dual caster spellbook, can turn into a dragon too. I’d love to try it some time.

            The divine might +2-8 damage could be useful if you can cap Cha, which with eagles splendor (+ 2 to 3 of  items, or a scroll of aura of glory or greater eagles splendor) just for archery. Dragon Shape one can boost the Cha stat with spells and some items (ie helmet of charisma +5) but is harder to implement. The damage output is admittedly small/attack but with 5-6 attacks / round (either in Dragon Shape or Rapid Shot, Haste + Divine Power) it might be useful as divine damage is rarely resisted.

            Its pretty expensive though. If you had Int 14 (instead of Cha 14), you would have an extra 129 skill points to spend. Elf is expensive as well. With Int 14 + human you would get an extra 172 skill points. Are the skill points useful here? Maybe. Trap setting, spot skill, discipline, search, there are a few nice things the skill points could be spent on.

            You could drop it as well as the weapon focus feats (-3 AB) to free up four feats, and drop your Charisma for Intelligence or Constitution points. 37 ranged AB on a cleric archer is still reasonable due to the AB boosts. This gives you a lot of options.

            The question I would ask is what options would have and what additional problems would the other options solve that you can’t already. The some options I can see are:

            • SF/GSF: Evocation (for very high DC implosion, call lightning, hammer of the gods)
            • SF/GSF: Conjuration (for very high DC SoV/Stonehold/Grease)
            • Spell Penetration/Greater Spell Penetration
            • Blind Fight / Scribe Scroll (or Wand).

            I think Max is right in that going Cleric 16/Druid 4 pre-epic would be easier to level.

            Monk 3 would also unlock the movement speed cap, allowing for a ‘speedy’ Stormbringer character, which helps with your archer’s survivability if you can move faster than a DM, and grants some tumble dumps which works well with the wisdom AC. It does cost spell casting and caster levels and it comes quite late in the build. Perhaps Druid 18 / Cleric 19 / Monk 3 would be the split I would choose to achieve this.

            I think whatever you choose, you will be happy with, as the foundations of the build are rock solid. Anything we tweak might come at the cost of something else.

            Maximillian Kane

              Hey TheSquid!


              Well, good thing we agree! Double Spell Focus is not a bad idea for this build, but losing KD really hurts, especially if you aren’t taking the 2nd Monk level, hence having just one skill dump. I absolutely don’t think Rapid Shot is a good idea at all, because it’d require a 2-feat investment, as well as putting stat points into DEX. I like Scribe Scroll, but I think then you’d have to choose between focusing on 2 schools or getting KD + Scribe Scroll. You could even potentially have 2 versions of this build: one with the dual focus and another one with scribe and KD. Both are great ideas, but definitely one school + these two feats would be easier to play.


              As for delaying DS, where in a typical Druid build, Elemental Shape AB starts becoming a concern around level 30, which makes you want to rush Dragon Shape, with this guy’s Clerical buffs, you can easily live without DS until level 36. Earth Elemental AB is around 40, with Divine Power + Divine Favor alone, it’s already 50, 52 with Bless and Aid, 55 with Battletide and Prayer. So, although delaying DS is by no means desirable, if there’s a build that won’t miss it, it’s this one! I would prefer to max out Cleric buffs ASAP, as well as have access to level 8 spells, for those great Elder elementals, then you could go straight Druid without issue, especially if you pick the KD + Scribe Scroll “version” of the build.


              About Deflect Arrows, I think it’s a matter of preference. That same level 9 spell will be pretty useless in high epics, as summons get obliterated easily, and you won’t be able to penetrate SR with this build, which most of your enemies where that extra slot would matter will have. I’d much rather use have Monk AC and Evasion for 18 levels and end up with a mildly useful Deflect Arrows than have an extra spell that I probably won’t be able to put to good use.


              Another feat that might be worth lookimg into is Weapon Finesse. If you can get a wand of Cat’s Grace, plus the Skin of the Manticore, plus a couple of merging DEX items, Air Elemental shape will become extremely useful to save up uses of Dragon Shape, especially in places with doors and narrow hallways. The problem would be what to drop for it. Might be worth dropping Zen Archery, since damage output with a Sling will most likely be sub-par, especially with your significant casting prowess.


              But with these alterations, anything else is just fine tweaking. It’ll be a great build!


              Take it EZ!


                Hi all

                first, I want to thank both Orion and Maximillian Kane for their feedback and suggestions. I have been playtesting the Stormbringer in SP World of Greyhawk, and it’s a lot of fun. The version I am running has:

                • Cleric 12 / Druid 8 split at 20
                • Monk level at 22
                • Cleric 14 / Druid 18 / Monk 1 at 33 (Dragon Shape)
                • pre-epic feats: Zen Archery, PBShot-RapidShot-CalledShot, SF:Evo, GSF:Conj, Extend.

                Explanations are due: first of all, the philosophy. I decided that this _is_ an archer build after all, so I turned Max’s point upside down and gave it Called Shot (it’s very nice and synergizes well with your toolkit) as well as kept Rapid Shot. Compared to the Demolition Man, the Stormbringer has 7 less AB and less damage due to sling vs. bow (especially on critical hits). Buffs last more or less the same since they can be extended, and you somehow make up for the reduced martial prowess with the Druid area control spells. Grease+Called Shot is already nasty, add Stonehold and Acid Fog (Destruction domain!), and you can snipe most enemies before they can even get close. If they do get close, there is always Harm and SoV. Damage/round is not so bad, with RS and Haste you get 6 attacks of which 4 at max AB, for about 30 damage each. Rapid Shot shines of course when you have fewer attacks, but still boosts your damage output by about 20% even in epic levels. At level 34, I have above 50 AB, and the most recent notable victims of my sling are the Engineer and mr. Carver (and well before DS was attained, I slinged down the two big bosses of the Rift, which was quite the sight). The Robilar fight was taken in Dragon Shape and their master fell anticlimatically to a few spells. I was very pleased as this run showcased well the different proficiencies of the build.

                Concerning level split: I agree that Cleric 16 would be easier to level and you would get Implosion much earlier (at 21 instead of 36). I do not like the option of delaying Dragon Shape to 36, because you are stuck with 3 or so levels where your melee presence is 1/day “weak” elemental shape and already your summons are not so strong. I felt that the teens were easy enough stopping Cleric at 12, and that the #1 priority was getting Stonehold asap. Summon VI and Harm are good enough to take you until level 24 when this is attained. The only point I really felt was lacking is AC in early 20s, and I bowed to Max’s suggestion to take Monk at 22 (of course Evasion is also a blessing).

                Feats: the build is still very feat-starved. I tried balancing focus in two schools and archery feats, and end up lacking in the other departments. Compared to Order of Jormungandr, this build’s Dragon Shape lacks Expertise, Knockdown, Blind-fight, Improved Critical, Epic Prowess. As an archer, it lacks WF feats. As a caster, it misses ESF:evocation and Scribe Scroll (I had Empower Spell initially and felt it was not needed). There are several combinations of these that will arguably make the build “stronger” and there is definitely room to fit for playstyle. My #1 wanted feat is actually Blind-fight, followed closely by Scribe Scroll, and I am considering dropping the Evocation focus for at least one of them. As was already discussed, one can always drop starting DEX and the archery feats to focus more on spells and meleeing.

                I will do some more testing and maybe edit the OP with an updated version of the build. Overall, this build feels relatively easy to play, actually very strong (more than I thought), and fits my own playstyle very well. Final note: my character follows Saint Cuthbert and has Strength and Destruction domains. This completes the symmetry of the Druid area disables, with Conjuration disabling spells that target the Fortitude save, and the aesthetics of this fact pleases me to no end 🙂

                Maximillian Kane

                  Hey TheSquid!

                  Good Stuff! It is playable without Cleric 16, definitely. I do think that’s a matter of personal choice. I guess it depends on how much “Druiding” one really wishes to do LOL. You don’t really need to shift into anything if you go with the Monk at 22. Much earlier Wisdom AC, and some peace. STR is also a nice touch cuz you have 2 Divine Power levels at 3 and 4, which is SWEET, cuz they are extendable at 4 and 5. Many more “fully buffed modes” a day.


                  However, there is a slight imprecision in your comments (or I somehow misunderstood you, or EE has changed that from 1.69). When you get extra attacks from multiple sources (Haste, DP and RS for this build), they each come at a -5 penalty from the previous one. I actually made a post about this today in the ECB – General Discussion to answer a question by Stagmeister about how Monk Ubab interacts with DP.


                  For example: You have 59 fully buffed AB with your sling, you are also Hasted and have DP on. When you turn on Rapid Shot, you suffer a -2 penalty to AB, so it goes down to 57. Your attack schedule will look like this: 57/52/47/57/52/47. Basically, your 3 regular attacks per round first, then all extra attacks added at -5 from each other. Without Rapid Shot, it’d look like this: 59/54/49/59/54


                  Other than that, you seem really conscious that you’re not min-maxing this build, which is fine as a personal choice when you know there are “better” ways of doing it. I would say this might be an example of trying to squeeze too much into a build (I would admittedly rather do 2 separate min-maxed versions of it, one focusing on casting and another one on sniping), as the loss of KD and Blind Fight does limit your options a lot. Luckily, this class combo is so powerful that you still end up with quite the powerhouse nonetheless! And yes, Grease + Called Shot is OP! I bet you nver thought you’d make such good use of those Level 1 Druid slots 😀 LOL


                  Can’t wait to see the final version! Cheers!


                    there is a slight imprecision

                    more like a major mistake! Thanks for pointing this out and clarifying how it works. I will admit that this makes Rapid Shot less attractive in a build which already gets free attacks… on with the testing!

                    I cannot wait to play this in a party, as none of your spells are party-friendly and you cannot even cast Protection from Alignment to protect your friends 🙂 I assume you end up using all your level 4 and 5 Druid slots on Freedom spells.

                    Maximillian Kane

                      I find that there are enough Freedom items on WoG that all one has to do is advertise in the chat that one is planning to use such tactics (I even tell my mates I’m planning to summon Earth Elementals, who also cast Stonehold), and maybe ask whether they need a Freedom buff before resting. Then whoever doesn’t for some reason have a Freedom ring or belt, gets a buff and is unaffected by your shenanigans.


                      EDIT: Although I have to admit it’s hilarious when someone says “no worries, I’m good”, then for some reason swaps out the Freedom item at some point in the quest, then forgets to swap it back in and gets stoneheld. LMAO!


                        Sooo… I did some more playtesting, and I settled on a version which suits my own preferences quite well. It is a well-rounded archer/caster who can also turn into a very buffed dragon for boss fights and the like. The sling prowess is actually really nice to have even at high level, as it allows you to eat through mobs reasonably fast. You have so many spell slots that you can buff (and rebuff if dispelled), disable multiple rounds of enemies, and still have plenty of Evocation firepower.

                        Should I edit the original post/title with this update? Is there a good way to do this? The class split and even the initial stats have changed.

                        I should mention that this build is explicitly made for the World of Greyhawk server environment, several things should be done differently in other environments.

                        Here is my final version of the build:

                        Stormbringer v2

                        Druid(18), Monk(2), Cleric(20), Human, Lawful Neutral

                        STR: 8
                        DEX: 14
                        CON: 12
                        WIS: 18 (32)
                        INT: 12
                        CHA: 8

                        Human: (Quick to Master)
                        01: Druid(1): Rapid Shot, Point Blank Shot
                        02: Cleric(1): Domain Strength, Domain Destruction
                        03: Cleric(2): Extend Spell
                        04: Cleric(3): WIS+1, (WIS=19)
                        05: Cleric(4)
                        06: Cleric(5): Zen Archery
                        07: Cleric(6)
                        08: Cleric(7): WIS+1, (WIS=20)
                        09: Cleric(8): Called Shot
                        10: Cleric(9)
                        11: Cleric(10)
                        12: Cleric(11): WIS+1, Blind Fight, (WIS=21)
                        13: Cleric(12)
                        14: Druid(2)
                        15: Druid(3): Spell Focus: Conjuration
                        16: Druid(4): WIS+1, (WIS=22)
                        17: Druid(5)
                        18: Druid(6): Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration
                        19: Druid(7)
                        20: Druid(8): WIS+1, (WIS=23)
                        21: Druid(9): Great Wisdom I, (WIS=24)
                        22: Monk(1): {Cleave, Evasion, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist}
                        23: Druid(10)
                        24: Druid(11): WIS+1, Great Wisdom II, (WIS=26)
                        25: Druid(12)
                        26: Druid(13)
                        27: Druid(14): Great Wisdom III, (WIS=27)
                        28: Druid(15): WIS+1, (WIS=28)
                        29: Druid(16)
                        30: Druid(17): Great Wisdom IV, (WIS=29)
                        31: Cleric(13)
                        32: Cleric(14): WIS+1, (WIS=30)
                        33: Druid(18): Dragon Shape
                        34: Cleric(15)
                        35: Cleric(16)
                        36: Cleric(17): WIS+1, Epic Prowess, (WIS=31)
                        37: Cleric(18)
                        38: Cleric(19)
                        39: Cleric(20): Epic Spell Focus: Conjuration
                        40: Monk(2): WIS+1, {Deflect Arrows}, (WIS=32)

                        Hitpoints: 360
                        Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 25/35/18
                        Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +8, Fear: +2
                        AB (max, naked): 25 (melee), 37 (ranged)

                        Concentration 43(44), Disable Trap 1(2), Discipline 43(42), Heal 4(15), Open Lock 1(3), Search 21(22), Spellcraft 42(43), Tumble 40(42)

                        You can figure out the precise skill schedule (I can post it if needed :)).

                        For Max’s pleasure (hopefully), here is what I would propose if I were to make a casting-focused version. I would drop the archery feats for Evocation focus and Scribe scrolls, and go Cleric 16 pre-epic to get level 9 spells asap. This version is untested as of yet.

                        Stormbringer, caster version

                        Druid(18), Monk(2), Cleric(20), Human, Lawful Neutral

                        STR: 8
                        DEX: 14
                        CON: 12
                        WIS: 18 (32)
                        INT: 12
                        CHA: 8

                        Human: (Quick to Master)
                        01: Druid(1): Scribe Scroll, Blind Fight
                        02: Cleric(1): Domain Strength, Domain Destruction
                        03: Cleric(2): Extend Spell
                        04: Cleric(3): WIS+1, (WIS=19)
                        05: Cleric(4)
                        06: Cleric(5): Zen Archery
                        07: Cleric(6)
                        08: Cleric(7): WIS+1, (WIS=20)
                        09: Cleric(8): Spell Focus: Evocation
                        10: Cleric(9)
                        11: Cleric(10)
                        12: Cleric(11): WIS+1, Greater Spell Focus: Evocation, (WIS=21)
                        13: Cleric(12)
                        14: Cleric(13)
                        15: Cleric(14): Spell Focus: Conjuration
                        16: Cleric(15): WIS+1, (WIS=22)
                        17: Cleric(16)
                        18: Druid(2): Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration
                        19: Druid(3)
                        20: Druid(4): WIS+1, (WIS=23)
                        21: Cleric(17): Epic Spell Focus: Evocation
                        22: Monk(1): {Cleave, Evasion, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist}
                        23: Druid(5)
                        24: Druid(6): WIS+1, Epic Spell Focus: Conjuration, (WIS=24)
                        25: Druid(7)
                        26: Druid(8)
                        27: Druid(9): Great Wisdom I, (WIS=25)
                        28: Druid(10): WIS+1, (WIS=26)
                        29: Druid(11)
                        30: Druid(12): Great Wisdom II, (WIS=27)
                        31: Druid(13)
                        32: Druid(14): WIS+1, (WIS=28)
                        33: Druid(15): Great Wisdom III, (WIS=29)
                        34: Druid(16)
                        35: Druid(17)
                        36: Druid(18): WIS+1, Dragon Shape, (WIS=30)
                        37: Cleric(18)
                        38: Cleric(19)
                        39: Cleric(20): Great Wisdom IV, (WIS=31)
                        40: Monk(2): WIS+1, {Deflect Arrows}, (WIS=32)

                        Concentration 43(44), Disable Trap 1(2), Discipline 43(42), Heal 4(15), Open Lock 1(3), Search 21(22), Spellcraft 42(43), Tumble 40(42)

                        I will keep having fun with this, it’s a really cool character to play!

                        Maximillian Kane

                          The first one looks good, the second one looks AWESOME! Thanks for indulging me LOL.


                          I have one such build in my Hard Drive, just for comparison, here’s how I did my version:


                          Cleric(20), Druid(18), Monk(2), Human

                          STR: 8
                          DEX: 14
                          CON: 10
                          WIS: 18 (32)
                          INT: 14
                          CHA: 8

                          Human: (Quick to Master)
                          01: Druid(1): Knockdown, Extend Spell
                          02: Cleric(1): Domain Trickery, Domain Travel
                          03: Cleric(2): Blind Fight
                          04: Cleric(3): WIS+1, (WIS=19)
                          05: Cleric(4)
                          06: Cleric(5): Zen Archery
                          07: Cleric(6)
                          08: Cleric(7): WIS+1, (WIS=20)
                          09: Cleric(8): Scribe Scroll
                          10: Cleric(9)
                          11: Cleric(10)
                          12: Cleric(11): WIS+1, Weapon Finesse, (WIS=21) (*or Improved Critical: Unarmed, or Expertise, or Craft Wand)
                          13: Cleric(12)
                          14: Cleric(13)
                          15: Cleric(14): Spell Focus: Evocation (*or Conjuration)
                          16: Cleric(15): WIS+1, (WIS=22)
                          17: Cleric(16)
                          18: Druid(2): Greater Spell Focus: Evocation (*or Conjuration)
                          19: Druid(3)
                          20: Druid(4): WIS+1, (WIS=23)
                          21: Cleric(17): Epic Spell Focus: Evocation (*or Conjuration)
                          22: Monk(1): {Cleave, Evasion, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist}
                          23: Druid(5)
                          24: Druid(6): WIS+1, Great Wisdom I, (WIS=25)
                          25: Druid(7)
                          26: Druid(8)
                          27: Druid(9): Great Wisdom II, (WIS=26)
                          28: Druid(10): WIS+1, (WIS=27)
                          29: Druid(11)
                          30: Druid(12): Great Wisdom III, (WIS=28)
                          31: Druid(13)
                          32: Druid(14): WIS+1, (WIS=29)
                          33: Druid(15): Great Wisdom IV, (WIS=30)
                          34: Druid(16)
                          35: Druid(17)
                          36: Druid(18): WIS+1, Dragon Shape, (WIS=31)
                          37: Cleric(18)
                          38: Cleric(19)
                          39: Cleric(20): Epic Prowess
                          40: Monk(2): WIS+1, {Deflect Arrows}, (WIS=32)

                          Hitpoints: 320
                          Skillpoints: 261
                          Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 24/35/18
                          Saving Throw bonuses: Spells: +8, Fear: +2
                          BAB: 25
                          AB (max, naked): 28 (melee), 37 (ranged)
                          AC (naked/mundane armor/shield only): 31/31
                          Spell Casting: Cleric(9),Druid(9)
                          Alignment Changes: 0

                          Animal Empathy 23(22), Concentration 43(43), Disable Trap 1(3), Discipline 43(42), Listen 43(54), Lore 23(25), Open Lock 1(3), Spellcraft 42(44), Tumble 40(42)

                          01: Animal Empathy(4), Concentration(4), Disable Trap(1), Open Lock(1), Spellcraft(4), Save(12),
                          02: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(15),
                          03: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(18),
                          04: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(21),
                          05: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(24),
                          06: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(27),
                          07: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(30),
                          08: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(33),
                          09: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(36),
                          10: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(39),
                          11: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(42),
                          12: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(45),
                          13: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(48),
                          14: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(51),
                          15: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(54),
                          16: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(57),
                          17: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(60),
                          18: Animal Empathy(9), Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(56),
                          19: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(61),
                          20: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(66),
                          21: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(69),
                          22: Concentration(1), Discipline(25), Listen(25), Tumble(25),
                          23: Animal Empathy(4), Concentration(1), Spellcraft(2),
                          24: Animal Empathy(2), Concentration(1), Lore(3), Spellcraft(1),
                          25: Concentration(1), Lore(5), Spellcraft(1),
                          26: Concentration(1), Lore(5), Spellcraft(1),
                          27: Concentration(1), Lore(5), Spellcraft(1),
                          28: Animal Empathy(2), Concentration(1), Lore(3), Spellcraft(1),
                          29: Animal Empathy(2), Concentration(1), Lore(2), Spellcraft(1), Save(1),
                          30: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(6),
                          31: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(11),
                          32: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(16),
                          33: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(21),
                          34: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(26),
                          35: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(31),
                          36: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(36),
                          37: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(39),
                          38: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(42),
                          39: Concentration(1), Spellcraft(1), Save(45),
                          40: Concentration(1), Discipline(18), Listen(18), Tumble(15),


                          As you can see for the *s in the build, I could potentially make 6 or 7 iterations of this build and like them all equally, so I don’t blame you for your choices. This class combo is SO GOOD that it’ll work with pretty much everything. Personal Preference becomes the defining factor.


                          EDIT: For WoG, domains would need to be changed. I’d probably go with St. Cuthbert as well.


                          Anyway, good stuff! Cheers!

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