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    Hello all!

    I have begun playing with archers, and I am starting to like them (at least, when building them in the CBC).

    It’s a very harsh life with them, especially when they are in close areas and the few buffs are continuously dispelled….so wanted to design a PC at least undispellable to all Dispels but Mordenkainen Disjunctions.

    Already played with clerics and sorcerers, so wanted to do something different….Druid zen archers? naah, better to try a focused dragon shape build. Then, what to choose?

    A paladin! Divine might is to be chosen, as some spells (aura of glory/eagle’s splendor) can greatly help for increasing CHA.

    Zen archery and increasing WIS increases the bonus paladin spellslots.

    Then, what to choose?

    Monk! AC bonus, tumble dump.

    Last class?

    Paladins do not have great wisdom like in nwn2, so better to choose a class which provides it: CoT then comes to mind, as it has further interesting features: saves bonuses, divine wrath.

    Looking at the new and the old ECB I see no other ranged builds with this combination, so it should be a new (or partially new) idea.

    The following output is a result of some drafts and revisions, I hope you’ll like it. I am, for sure, waiting for your comments and improvements!

    Paladin(29), Champion of Torm(10), Monk(1), Human

    STR: 13 (14)
    DEX: 8
    CON: 10
    WIS: 17 (36)
    INT: 12
    CHA: 14

    Human: (Quick to Master)
    01: Paladin(1): Weapon Focus: Longbow, Point Blank Shot
    02: Paladin(2): {Smite Evil}
    03: Paladin(3): Zen Archery
    04: Paladin(4): WIS+1, (WIS=18)
    05: Paladin(5)
    06: Paladin(6): Extend Spell
    07: Paladin(7)
    08: Paladin(8): WIS+1, (WIS=19)
    09: Paladin(9): Craft Wand
    10: Paladin(10)
    11: Paladin(11)
    12: Paladin(12): WIS+1, Weapon Focus: Mace, (WIS=20)
    13: Paladin(13)
    14: Champion of Torm(1)
    15: Paladin(14): Power Attack
    16: Champion of Torm(2): WIS+1, Called Shot, (WIS=21)
    17: Champion of Torm(3)
    18: Paladin(15): Divine Might
    19: Champion of Torm(4): Improved Critical: Longbow
    20: Champion of Torm(5): WIS+1, (WIS=22)
    21: Paladin(16): Great Wisdom I, (WIS=23)
    22: Paladin(17)
    23: Paladin(18)
    24: Paladin(19): WIS+1, Great Wisdom II, (WIS=25)
    25: Paladin(20)
    26: Paladin(21)
    27: Paladin(22): Great Wisdom III, (WIS=26)
    28: Paladin(23): WIS+1, Epic Weapon Focus: Longbow, (WIS=27)
    29: Paladin(24)
    30: Paladin(25): Great Wisdom IV, (WIS=28)
    31: Paladin(26): Epic Prowess
    32: Champion of Torm(6): WIS+1, Great Wisdom V, (WIS=30)
    33: Champion of Torm(7): Great Wisdom VI, (WIS=31)
    34: Champion of Torm(8): Great Wisdom VII, (WIS=32)
    35: Champion of Torm(9)
    36: Champion of Torm(10): WIS+1, Great Wisdom VIII, Great Wisdom IX, (WIS=35)
    37: Monk(1): {Cleave, Evasion, Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist}
    38: Paladin(27)
    39: Paladin(28): Great Wisdom X, (WIS=36)
    40: Paladin(29): STR+1, Armor Skin, (STR=14)

    Hitpoints: 398
    Skillpoints: 174
    Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 30/36/25
    Saving Throw bonuses:
    BAB: 30
    AB (max, naked): 34 (melee), 47 (ranged)
    AC (naked/mundane items only): 32/32
    Spell Casting: Paladin(4)
    Alignment Changes: 0

    Concentration 43(43), Discipline 43(45), Listen 40(53), Lore 6(7), Open Lock 1(0), Tumble 40(39)

    01: Concentration(4), Discipline(4), Open Lock(1), Save(6),
    02: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(8),
    03: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(10),
    04: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(12),
    05: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(14),
    06: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(16),
    07: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(18),
    08: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(20),
    09: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(22),
    10: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(24),
    11: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(26),
    12: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(28),
    13: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(30),
    14: Discipline(1), Save(33),
    15: Concentration(2), Discipline(1), Save(34),
    16: Discipline(1), Save(37),
    17: Discipline(1), Save(40),
    18: Concentration(3), Discipline(1), Save(40),
    19: Discipline(1), Save(43),
    20: Discipline(1), Save(46),
    21: Concentration(3), Discipline(1), Save(46),
    22: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(48),
    23: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(50),
    24: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(52),
    25: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(54),
    26: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(56),
    27: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(58),
    28: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(60),
    29: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(62),
    30: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(64),
    31: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Save(66),
    32: Discipline(1), Save(69),
    33: Discipline(1), Save(72),
    34: Discipline(1), Save(75),
    35: Discipline(1), Save(78),
    36: Discipline(1), Save(81),
    37: Discipline(1), Listen(40), Tumble(40), Save(6),
    38: Concentration(7), Discipline(1), Lore(2),
    39: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Lore(2),
    40: Concentration(1), Discipline(1), Lore(2),


    AB/AC/damage/spellslots when CHA and WIS reach the cap:

    AB is nearly capped: 47 + 6 (WIS cap) + GMW 5 = 58 + situational buffs (Aid 1, Prayer 1, Bless 1, Divine favor 5) = 66

    Damage (without mighty property):1-8 + 5 (+ 5 arrows) + situational buffs (Divine might 8, Prayer 1, Divine favor 5) = 27 per hit.

    AC: 32 + 6 (WIS) + 20 (armor/deflection/natural AC/dodge) = 58.

    Spellslots: (lv 1/2/3/4) 8/8/8/7


    Now, on to your comments!


    Looks really fun. The spell casting 8/8/8/7 is pretty amazing for a paladin.

    Maybe starting stats could be Str 14 Dex 8 Con 12 Wis 16 Int 12 Cha 14 and change the last Str+1 to Wis +1, you will get 40 Hp +1 fort. Or Con 10 Int 14 for 43 skill points although not sure what you will spend it on.

    Rapid shot would be good with all that AB not sure what you would drop to get it. Blind fight I think works with ranged weapons. Limited space though!


    I really like this build, good job! It might even be enough to get me to play a Paladin, enough said.

    Your stated AC can further be buffed by +6 if you can cap DEX and +4 with a Haste potion, taking it to the respectable-even-for-a-melee-toon value of 68. I assume you have already considered trying to fit in Divine Shield to be able to laugh at bosses standing at melee distance while shooting, but so few feats…

    You could change the stat increase at level 40 to WIS and get one more pre-epic CoT level for an extra feat (losing a Great Wisdom), if you want to include Rapid Shot for instance. You delay your max buffs until level 21 but maybe that’s ok.

    Very cool idea and execution!

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