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A listing of useful resources. More to be added.

General information

NWN Wiki

An encyclopedic resource of all the in-game mechanics related to Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition.

Neverwinter Nights Reddit

For up to date information about what is new, this community is excellent, and very supportive if there are questions from new players.

Items, armor and weapons in NWN

MikesRPG Center

A nice resource outlining the properties of various items (armor, weapons etc)


Also has a nice section on armor, weapons etc.

Custom content and modules

Neverwinter Vault

This website hosts pretty much all the community created custom content and modules that is publicly available.

Neverwinter Nights Beamdog Forums

These forums are excellent for complex discussions and advanced discussions relating to NWN.

Multiplayer and DMing

Neverwinter Connections

Neverwinter Connections exists to enhance the multiplayer experience in NWN. It hosts a large number of tutorials and guides on being a DM, roleplaying, and helps players run regular NWN groups.


Neverwinter Lexicon

An encyclopedic resource for scripting in Neverwinter Nights.

Character Building

Kamiryn’s Character Builder Calculator

This Excel spreadsheet is the ultimate resource to plan out any character builds, and is still being updated by Kamiryn. Highly recommended for any serious character building design.

ECB Guild Archives Search (2002-2010)

The original Bioware ECB Guild Forum site, archived and preserved by a large number of contributors, with a search engine coded by The_Krit, it searches over 2000 character builds.

ECB Filter Search (2011-mid 2019)

A list of ECB Guild builds written between 2011 and mid 2019, created by HipMaestro, Stagmeister and others. Search engine coded by Doesntplayanymore. I’ve hosted it on our site after discussion with DPA.

The ECB Tapatalk Forum

The ECB is a very active community with new character build ideas being created.